CC #462: Week of January 2, 2022

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Cameraman: “I’ve got some great footage of Mark Williams talking to Bonnie Wright and James and Oliver Phelps about on-set antics and the importance of the Weasley family to Harry Potter.”
Reunion producers: “Thank you. You can put it right here in the trash.”

Arthur: “Hey, you know Muggles have these things called ‘movies’? I just saw my first one, and it was incredible! It was called Troll 2. I wonder if they get any better than that…”

Mark Williams: “Honestly, when we were filming, I thought you were both actually just one guy!”
—Carol P.

The One with the Weasleys at Dinner.
—Nicole R.

Bonnie: “What happened to the good old days when men would offer up their seat for a lady?”

Mark Williams: “So while filming Order of the Phoenix, the visual effects team was able to edit out the goiter on my neck that was this big!”

Fred: (speaking telepathically to George) “Keep his attention focused long enough for me to slip a couple of these Canary Creams into his glass.”
Ginny: (speaking telepathically to both twins) “Do it, and I’ll Bat-Bogey the heck out of both of you.”
—Friend of Fawkes

Ginny had finally found her jumper, which was, in fact, on the cat.

Mark: “So before we started shooting Chamber of Secrets, director Chris Columbus says, ‘Your son Percy will have a head shaped like this.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, just like the TV show Hey Arnold!'”

“So there I was! Just me, my wand, Molly – of course – and a rubber duck.”

The Weasleys chat calmly while Dean carries a random woman away over his shoulder.

Security for the Hogwarts reunion event was very aggressive, as a party crasher was swept off her feet and hauled out.
Girl in the white dress: “But I was an extra in the Yule Ball scene, I swear!!”
—Friend of Fawkes

“And that’s how your mum and I finally got rid of the gnomes in the garden!”
—Hagrid’s Helper

Oliver: “Merry Christmas.”
Mark: “It’s great to be with all my children again. Hang on – aren’t you dead? Or are you the other one?”
James: “It’s been 20 years!”

Arthur: “So for my retirement party…”
Fred: “I will fellytone and place an order for 1,000 rubber ducks.”
—Vidula S.

Bonnie: “At last, I am the sole remaining ginger.”

Arthur Weasley: “I realize that I never taught all of you how to blend in when you’re at a formal gathering of Muggles, but you seem to have mastered the art of drinking from flutes without my expert tutelage.”
—Friend of Fawkes

Mark Williams: “So how are you, Oliver?”
James: “He’s not Oliver. I am!”
Oliver: “Honestly, man, you call yourself our on-screen father.”
Mark: “Oh, sorry, James.”

Mark: “Hey, you! Yeah, you, stop staring so intently at those macarons.”

No one would know that blue sweater was once a Pygmy Puff.

Mark Williams: “Show me exactly where you broke Mike Newell’s rib!”
—Phoenix Auror

“Can you believe they’re making us pay for our own butterbeer?”

Mr. Weasley/Mark Williams: “… So as it turns out, the function is just to keep you company in the bathtub!”









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