Sorting “Eternals” Characters into Hogwarts Houses



We previously Sorted characters from other Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows and films into their respective Harry Potter Houses, so we thought we’d do the same for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest installment, Eternals. The film follows the Eternals, an immortal alien race sent by the Celestial Arishem to protect Earth from their ancient counterparts, the Deviants. However, it is revealed later on that they are actually there to prepare Earth for the “Emergence,” which would destroy all of humanity.


Sersi – Gryffindor



Sersi, an empathic Eternal who develops a strong connection to humans, becomes the leader of the group following Ajak’s death. The pressure of taking this role, discovering their true purpose, fighting against Ikaris (whom she was in love with), and taking down the Emergence took a lot of bravery and nerve, making her a Gryffindor.


Ikaris – Slytherin



A dedicated soldier and warrior, he knew about the Emergence before anyone else – and did everything he could to make it happen, including killing Ajak and fighting his team. Manipulative and ambitious, Ikaris is definitely a Slytherin.


Kingo – Hufflepuff



Kingo shares the same belief as Ikaris in Arishem’s plan, but unlike him, does not want to stand against his team. He is loyal to everybody and wants to do the right thing for everybody, characteristics that make him a Hufflepuff.


Sprite – Slytherin



Sprite is the other Eternal who follows Ikaris and betrays the team. Her desire to grow up and change bodies leads her to injure Sersi. Her cunning and her ambitious nature put her in Slytherin.


Phastos – Ravenclaw



This one is a no-brainer. Phastos’s inherent ability as an inventor – combined with his creativity and wit – puts him firmly in Ravenclaw.


Makkari – Gryffindor



Some of the Gryffindor traits, including bravery, helping others, and chivalry, are all characteristics Makkari possesses. She didn’t hesitate to fight against the Emergence when the rest of the team found her.


Druig – Slytherin



Druig has the right intentions – all he wants is peace. He uses his mind-controlling ability to do this. But though he has the right intentions, his ability to take away people’s free will makes him a Slytherin.


Gilgamesh – Hufflepuff



Gilgamesh is physically the strongest Eternal, and he uses this power to help and care for Thena with her psychological disorder, Mahd Wy’ry. Although his chivalrous nature could put him in Gryffindor, his unwavering loyalty to her makes him a Hufflepuff.


Ajak – Slytherin



For centuries, she was the only one to know the Eternals’ true mission and history. Her choice to keep it from them and watch as they made lives on Earth, knowing what they had to do, strikes us as particularly cruel.


Thena – Gryffindor



Like Ikarus, Thena is a brave warrior. However, unlike him, she is incredibly loyal to her team. This characteristic could put her in Hufflepuff, but it is the strength of her character and her courage in facing and fighting her Mahd Wy’ry that makes her a Gryffindor.


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