Merch Madness: Exclusive New Finds to Help Update Your Wardrobe for Spring

We have another round of merchandise headed straight to you, and it’s packed full of gorgeous items for your wardrobe. We’re ready if you are. 


Ariani Harry Potter Collection

Ariani Online has just announced a new collaboration with Warner Bros. to bring fandom and fashion together, featuring an extensive Harry Potter–inspired collection of scarves, shirts, accessories, and merchandise. Ariani brings forward a wide range of ready-to-wear designs made for modest silhouettes. Designs can be found on the Ariani website.


The maroon scarf is a perfect choice when redesigning your wardrobe.


The Quibbler Purse by Loungefly

Inspired by the Quibbler magazine by Xenophilius Lovegood, this handbag is a perfect way to evolve your inner Luna. Bright and colorful, the bag is decorated just like the cover of the controversial publication but also comes with the added bonus of carrying your belongings. It is equipped with a strap and magnetic clasp for security. You can find this unique fashion choice at the Hello Kitty Store at Universal Orlando Resort, and it’s priced at $79.


The Quibbler can now hold all your belongings in one place.


Diagon Alley Wallet by Loungefly

Wait – you can’t have your Galleons sitting at the bottom of your Quibbler bag, now can you? Add the very necessary Diagon Alley wallet accessory. Don’t worry about clashing styles because this cash-carrying compartment features beautiful artwork of all the best shops in Diagon Alley, including a 3D white dragon atop Gringotts Bank. This piece can be found at the Universal Studios Store at Universal Orlando Resort for $55.


The Diagon Alley wallet is a smart place to put your Galleons if you're in a pinch.


Hogwarts House Keychains and Pins

The sport of acquiring pins and keychains has long been around in many amusement parks. If you didn’t get either after visiting a theme park, did you even go at all? Well, if you’re in the market for something new and flashy, we’ve got you. Four new House keychains from Universal Orlando Resort feature a Hogwarts House with some of that House’s best qualities. For example, on the Gryffindor keychain, a gold lion is surrounded by the words “determination,” “courage,” and “bravery.” The pins have a similar design and show the House animals with their most distinctive qualities. The keychains are being sold for $15 each, and the pins are being sold for $12 each.


Keychains and pins are a sure way to remember your trip to Universal Orlando Resort.


Hogwarts Express Ticket Outfit

You know what? Instead of getting trinkets representing Potter objects, you can just be a Potter object. What does that mean? A new outfit, found at Universal Orlando Resort (duh), lets you look like a Hogwarts Express ticket. The white shirt, gold pants, and gold backpack really change the game. The shirt features a Hogwarts crest on the lower left side, and the pants show off a checkered gold style. The matching backpack ties the whole thing together. The outfit is yours for $90. 


Express yourself with the gold and white Hogwarts Express ticket outfit.


Newt Scamander and Death Eater Journals

Do you prefer the Dark Arts or the magic of a pure heart? Whatever side your allegiance lies on, write down your thoughts in the Death Eater or Newt Scamander–themed journals. The Death Eater journal is black with the Dark Mark right on the front cover. The Newt Scamander journal is a lighter, beige color with the character’s name and initials embossed on the front. Both are pocket-sized with soft covers to make traveling a little easier. You can find both at the Upper Lot Universal Studios Store at Universal Studios Hollywood for $25 each. 


Pocket-sized Death Eater and Newt Scamander journals.


Hogwarts Snow Globe Enamel Pin

Harry Potter Fan Club has released a new enamel pin to celebrate the winter season. This beautiful blue and gold winter scene pin is perfect for that one collector you really love. Inside the snow globe–shaped pin is a Hogwarts Castle backdrop with little blue, gold, and white snowflake charms that freely move around the interior. This pin is going for £18 from the Harry Potter Fan Club while supplies last. 


Gold, blue, and white snowflakes can move around the interior of this snow globe pin.


Bellatrix Lestrange and Sirius Black Mattel Dolls

Two new additions are coming to the line of Harry Potter dolls from Mattel. The Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange dolls strongly resemble their on-screen counterparts. Each comes with an accessory wand and the outfits featured in the films. The Sirius Black doll does not appear to be available in the United States yet, but it can be purchased on Amazon UK at the link below.


The Sirius Black doll is now available for purchase in the UK from Amazon.



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That’s all we have for this Merch Madness. Check back soon for more collectibles and merchandise.


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