Spring Has Sprung in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”

The season is shifting to warmer temperatures, and the need for Pepperup Potion is almost gone. Hang tight for a bit longer because spring is almost here. In celebration of this, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has added some updates, and we’re ready for it.

February was full of love, and we received a lot of goodies in honor of the season. Participating in the Valentine’s Day Howler search led us all across the Hogwarts grounds in search of coins, pages, energy, and Premium Timer Toffees.



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A new month brings a new Magical Milestones, and spring fever is contagious. The Spring Has Sprung look features a light-blue jacket complete with colorful flowers, a black shirt with olive pants, and black boots. Did you complete all the tasks for the February Magical Milestones: Accio Amore look? This look had us feeling the love with red pants, a heart-branded shirt, and a festive beanie.


Magical Milestones outfits for February and March

Magical Milestones outfits for February and March in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”


We have the perfect spring look to strive for, so let’s catch up on the mayhem happening in-game so we can earn the new fit. To get your competitive juices flowing, the Third Quidditch Cup adventure is here. We know that tensions were high a few updates ago – do we have what it takes to win the Cup?

In our last update, we felt it was time to reunite the Circle of Khanna and let everyone know about the recent activities of “R.” After explaining the ongoing situation, we have our friends to support us and learn that even the most powerful and tough people need someone to lean on. After some “sick” planning, it’s time for the Wizengamot trial we’ve been dreading.

Magical creatures can take our minds off of anything, right? Professor Kettleburn has brought a Leucrotta onto the grounds, and the poor creature needs a trip to the dentist. Someone call up Hermione’s parents because we could use a hand to get everything in order to help the creature’s oral hygiene.



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Perhaps you’ve noticed the red post office box in the Magical Creatures Reserve. This new item has quests you can send your creatures on to aid other witches and wizards and earn some rewards in the process. Hogwarts Mystery has also added a new memorize and match card activity during class times, and honestly, it’s a refreshing change of pace.

A lot is going on right now in Hogwarts Mystery. Take a load off and visit the new location, the Burrow, and see if Molly Weasley has some tea ready while we listen to Celestina Warbeck. We all could use a reprieve before the trial begins.


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