Castium Revelio: We Finally Have News from Westeros

Welcome to this week’s Casting News! After last week’s Killing Eve spoilers, Dan Fogler transformation, and animated trailer, we’ve got you covered with spoilers from a different, more apocalyptic show and the magical alumni among this year’s BAFTA TV Award nominations. Castium Revelio!



Harry Potter Cast and Crew

Before we get into all of that, however, we have some very exciting news for all the Game of Thrones fans. We finally have a release date for the Targaryen-centric House of the Dragon! A poster and several new images were released earlier this week, all branded alongside the release date: August 21. These new images include one of Rhys Ifans (Xenophilius Lovegood) in costume as his character, Otto Hightower. Have a look at the new photo of Ifans, as well as the main poster, below!




Speaking of release dates, we have one for the second season of Gentleman Jack! The show, which features both Gemma Jones (Madam Pomfrey) and Fantastic Beasts's Derek Riddell (Torquil Travers), will follow Anne Lister as she settles into a new life with her wife, Ann Walker. The second season will come to our screens on April 10. 

That's not the only season that will come to screens soon. The second season of State of the Union, starring Brendan Gleeson (Mad-Eye Moody) and Patricia Clarkson (The Maze Runner), has been purchased by the BBC. The BBC has previously picked up the show's first season, and it's expected that this season will also air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

Stephen Fry (who narrated the UK audiobooks) made a really exciting announcement earlier this week. After a 20-year hiatus, he'll be returning to the quizzing world of Countdown! He'll be a guest on this week's episodes, using all of his intelligence to make words out of random letters and calculate math conundrums. Will you be tuning in to see if you can beat Fry?



There's also some news from Luke Youngblood (Lee Jordan). He's starring in a special episode of Baby Shark's Big Show! The episode, which is called The Seaweed Sway, follows Youngblood's character, William, and Baby Shark as they tour around the city with famous rapper Sharki B, who will be voiced by multi–Grammy Award–winning artist Cardi B. The episode will air on April 15. 

We've got more rumors from Fiona Shaw (Mrs. Dursley) about a possible continuation of Killing Eve. She's been teasing a Carolyn-themed spin-off since the final season began, and she's spilled even more possible details. With so many different lives, we were all wondering which one this show would focus on. In a recent interview, she said that we'd be joining Carolyn at the Russia desk of MI6! However, she did also say that nothing was confirmed and that there wasn't room in her current schedule for filming. 

We've got an appeal featuring Daniel Radcliffe and Dame Emma Thompson (Professor Trelawney) next. They've joined forces with other Hollywood icons to call on the United Kingdom government to scrap a bill that will criminalize refugees coming to the UK from Ukraine. The video sees stars telling stories from the perspective of those fleeing from the war. You can watch the video below, but be aware that it does deal with heavy topics.



Jeff Rawle (Amos Diggory) is making his way to the stage in Chester, UK, later this year to star in Now Is Good, a heartwarming story about a renovation project and a tight-knit community. Rawle will play Ray, the builder who takes on the personal project that unlocks lots of memories surrounding him and his son. The play will be staged from May 11 to May 28.

Up next is a Hogwarts-style run-down on the BAFTA TV nominationsDavid Thewlis (Remus Lupin) is the only Wizarding World alum to receive a personal nomination. His leading role in Sky's true-crime drama Landscapers gained him a nomination in the Leading Actor category. The show has also been nominated in the Mini-Series category. 

Stephen Fry's role in It's a Sin, while not earning him a personal nomination, surely contributed to the show's several nominations, including one coming up against Landscapers in the Mini-Series category, a Must-See Moment nomination for Colin's AIDS diagnosis, and three in the Supporting Actor category. 

Jack Thorne's (writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) show Help has also earned lots of nominations, including a Writer: Drama nomination for Thorne himself, as well as Leading Actor and Leading Actress nominations for Stephen Graham's and Jodie Comer's roles in the drama. Other shows featuring Wizarding World alumni that are among the nominations include Sex Education (Jason Isaacs – Lucius Malfoy) and Line of Duty (Kelly Macdonald – Gray Lady).

Fantastic Beasts Cast and Crew

This next section will include spoilers for The Walking DeadDan Fogler (Jacob Kowalski) has been talking about the future of his character, Luke. We know that Fogler wasn't on set for the filming of the first two parts of the 11th season, but he did hint that Luke will be returning for the third and final part.

Cursed Child Cast and Crew

Returning to Jack Thorne, he's been awarded two Royal Television Society awards for Help. It won in the Single Drama category, while Thorne was personally awarded Outstanding Contribution to British Television 2022. Thorne continued his work by speaking out for better disability representation on TV and measures to be put in place to get more disabled people on film sets in his acceptance speech.

Sonia Friedman (producer) will produce an upcoming retelling of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize–winning play, The Piano Lesson. LaTanya Richardson Jackson will become the first female director to take on a Wilson play, with her husband, Samuel L. Jackson, taking on the lead role. 


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