Universal Studios Hollywood Is Now Serving Honey Mead

Harry Potter fans are in for a treat at Universal Studios Hollywood. Honey Mead is now on the menu at the Hog’s Head, and we have a peek at the presentation of this drink as well as what to expect when the magical elixir encounters your taste buds.


Close up photo of the Honey Mead being served at Universal Studios Hollywood

Close-up photo of the Honey Mead being served at Universal Studios Hollywood


This does look like it would be refreshing after a hot day of adventuring. Mead is known to be sweet since it’s made from fermented honey that is diluted with water. What specialties do wizards add to their brewing process, you may ask? Well, we don’t truly know, but the wizards at Bungbarrel Spiced Mead have added their own magical twist to this brew, making it tart rather than sweet.

WDW News Today reports that any fans of mead will be left wanting more after a taste of this one. The honey notes in this beverage are described as “very subtle,” with the initial impression being the unique tartness. Many drinkers of mead might miss the smooth flavor of mead wines because this draught is compared to a sour beer.


Honey Mead at Universal Studios Hollywood

Honey Mead at Universal Studios Hollywood


This $14 glass will have you sipping like Slughorn. Hopefully, you won’t need a bezoar after a drink or two. What other drinks from the wizarding world would you like to see at Universal Studios? Let us know!


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