Wizarding World Expansion at Universal Studios Hollywood Is Possible Says Former Disney Imagineer

It’s no secret that most Harry Potter fans long for Universal Studios Hollywood to expand its Wizarding World section. Even though Potterheads can visit Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, one vital location is missing: Diagon Alley. The reason for this is a lack of space, which is understandable, but we do wish we could simply cast an Extension Charm to create the space needed to build it. Enter former Disney Imagineer Jim Shull. He might not be able to cast an Extension Charm, but he managed to do something similar.

Earlier this week, Shull had a sudden magical idea, fueled by the closest thing to magic Muggles have – caffeine. He shared an aerial shot of the Hollywood park, explaining that “if Universal Hollywood moved the tram tour station to the lower Jurassic car lot,” there would indeed be enough space to expand the Wizarding World section. He even provided rough illustrations to show how the moves would take place.



He shared another tweet shortly after that, providing more explanations on how the move would benefit the rest of the theme park. It seems like a pretty simple plan and one that would ensure that there is space for Hollywood’s very own Diagon Alley.



Sadly, Shull doesn’t work for Universal Studios, but hopefully, the studio will take note of his ideas and try to see if there’s a way to implement them. Doing so would certainly bring a lot of joy to countless fans.

What do you think of Shull’s plan? Could it work? Let us know in the comments.


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