Epic Universe May Take Us on a Magical Elevator Trip

There are yet more rumors circulating about possible attractions at Universal Orlando Resort’s upcoming theme park, Epic Universe. We know that one of the park’s largest destinations is set to be a re-creation of the Ministry of Magic. It’s still unclear as to what the rides could feature, but recently, rumors of an elevator ride have been suggested by Orlando ParkStop.

There have been rumors about similar rides in the past, with one ride concept setting out a tale about Dolores Umbridge’s trial. This ride will be bought to life through Universal’s patented suspended ride system, which will allow the carriage to move in every direction, just like the elevators in the actual Ministry. By using this system, the scenery could be changed on each level of the ride while guests are experiencing a different section, allowing the ride overall to be smaller and more compact.



While these new rumors are getting us even more excited for the park to open, one attraction that all of us were looking forward to may have been cut. Earlier this year, we told you about a rumored VR ride that would allow Muggles to take off and fly on broomsticks. Sadly, it seems as if construction on this ride has halted, although it could continue at any moment since the permits for the structure are still active. There are no rumors currently on what could be replacing the attraction, although there are reports of a more Fantastic Beasts theme.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see exactly what attractions are at Epic Universe soon, with construction back on after COVID-19 delays. Plans are being kept under wraps, but it has been suggested that, at the current rate of progress, the park could be ready for a 2025 opening. Will you be hoping to visit the park once construction is complete?


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