European Quidditch Cup Division 1 Starts This Weekend

The second division of the European Quidditch Cup ended recently, and the first division is almost here. As was announced before, European Quidditch Cup Division 1 will be held in Limerick, Ireland, on June 4–5.

The European Quidditch Cup is the most prestigious tournament for Muggle quidditch teams in Europe. Every team in attendance had to qualify for the championships of their own national governing bodies (NGBs), and 32 teams from 10 European NGBs will attend. Because there is no higher-level championship in Europe, the champion of the EQC could be called the best team in Europe.

Teams Attending European Quidditch Cup Division 1

Quidditch Austria (Austria)

  1. Danube Direwolves
  2. Vienna Vanguards

Belgian Quidditch Federation (Belgium)

  1. Antwerp QC
  2. Ghent Gargoyles Quidditch
  3. Liège Leviathans
  4. Brussels Qwaffles

Associació de Quidditch de Catalunya (Catalonia)

  1. Barcelona Eagles

Féderation du Quidditch Français (France)

  1. Titans Paris Quidditch
  2. Paris Frog Quidditch
  3. Toulouse Quidditch
  4. Crookshanks Lyon Quidditch
  5. Olympiens Paris Quidditch

Asociación Quidditch España (Spain)

  1. Malaka Vikings QT

Quidditch Derneği (Turkey)

  1. METU Unicorns

Deutscher Quidditchbund (Germany)

  1. Ruhr Phoenix
  2. SCC Berlin Bluecaps
  3. Three River Dragons Passau
  4. Rheinos Bonn
  5. Münchner Wolpertinger
  6. Hamburg Werewolves
  7. Augsburg Owls
  8. Darmstadt Athenas

Associazione Italiana Quidditch (Italy)

  1. DNA Quidditch Club
  2. Lunatica Quidditch Club

Norges Rumpeldunkforbund (Norway)

  1. NTNUI Rumpeldunk
  2. OSI Quidditch
  3. Sagene IF Quidditch

QuidditchUK (United Kingdom)

  1. Werewolves of London Firsts
  2. London Quidditch Club
  3. Velociraptors
  4. London Unspeakables
  5. Olympians QC

The gameplay format is similar to that of the second division. First, there was the group draw. According to the rankings from EQC 2019 Division 1, teams were divided into pots and then randomly drawn from them into eight groups. The group draw happened on a livestream along with the group draw for the second division.

The first day will be played in the group stage, in which teams have to play against each team in their group. Based on those results, teams will be placed into two brackets: upper and lower. This is different from the second division, where there was also a middle bracket.


There is one person in a blue jersey on their knees, probably holding a bludger. Another beater is probably trying to take the bludger, while a second beater is running around them. One hoop is standing in the background, and two hoops are on the ground.


Recently, Quidditch Europe introduced the crew of EQC 2022 Division 1. Philip Moore from Quidditch Ireland and Dean Foley from the University of Limerick will take care of the logistics. In the Volunteers Department, Caitlin Riley will serve as Chief Happiness Officer, and Laurens Grinwis Plaat Stultjes will serve as Co-Tournament Director. Pauline Raes (who recently ended her term on the International Quidditch Association’s board of trustees), Steve Cockram, and Thomas Berglitsch will serve as Gameplay Maestro, Scheduling Assistant, and Co-Tournament Director, respectively, within the Gameplay & Scheduling Department. Alexander Roberts and Toni Zimpel are the team members in the Media Department. Because Toni Zimpel founded Ruhr Phoenix TV, a Muggle quidditch streaming channel, there is a high chance that EQC Division 1 will be livestreamed, though that has not been announced yet.


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.