Dementores A Coruña Win European Quidditch Cup Division 2

The largest and most prestigious Muggle Quidditch tournament for teams in Europe, the European Quidditch Cup, was held last month – or at least the second division. It all happened on April 23–24 in Brescia, Italy, and 24 teams from 11 national governing bodies participated.

As we recently explained, the first part of the tournament was the group stage. All teams were divided into six groups of four, and teams played against all the other teams in their respective groups. After that, teams moved into the flight stage based on their rankings. They had to play two other matches. Based on their rankings from that stage, they were further divided into three brackets: upper, middle, and lower.


There is one chaser holding quaffle and one chaser from Brno Banshees who is trying to stop him.

Credit: Matúš Zošák


Southsea Quidditch and the Kraków Dragons competed for third place. Although the Kraków Dragons caught the snitch, Southsea Quidditch got the set score first and won. This is actually the first European Quidditch Cup tournament where this new rule about ending the game from IQA Rulebook 2020 was applied.

The final game for first place was held between Dementores A Coruña and Bielefelder Basilisken. The score was 170–130 when Dementors A Coruña caught the snitch, got another thirty points, and – with a final score of 200*–130 – became the champions.

Final Ranking
  1. Dementores A Coruña
  2. Bielefelder Basilisken
  3. Southsea Quidditch
  4. Kraków Dragons
  5. Lumos Compostela
  6. Madrid Lynx
  7. Bizkaia Boggarts
  8. Hinkypunks Bologna
  9. Warsaw Mermaids
  10. Bombarda Brixia QC
  11. Aemona Argonauts
  12. Prague Pegasus
  13. Twentse Thestrals
  14. Oxford Mammoths
  15. Turicum Thunderbirds
  16. Rotterdam Ravens
  17. Werewolves of London 2nds
  18. Looping Lux Leipzig
  19. Basel Basilisks
  20. Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs
  21. Brno Banshees
  22. Southampton QC
  23. Pressburg Phantoms
  24. Aarhus Owls

For Quidditch Europe, which organized the tournaments, it’s not over yet. The first division will be held soon, on June 4–5 in Limerick, Ireland.


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.