“Promptly Potter” Episode 102: “(Un)Surprisingly, the Magical Court of Law Is Shady”

– In Chapter 8 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry is brought before the Wizengamot and forced to testify about his experience with the Dementors. Fudge continues to call him a liar, but Mrs. Figg testifies as an eyewitness. In the end, Dumbledore steps in, and Harry is cleared of all charges.

– Today’s prompt is “How does the Wizengamot work? Who or what chooses its members, including people who work outside of law or government, like Dumbledore? Is there a real-world equivalent?”

– This episode is hosted by Tracy Dunstan.

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Promptly Potter is MuggleNet.com’s Harry Potter critical analysis podcast in which we break down questions about the novels into bite-sized pieces. Each episode explores one chapter through a single carefully curated prompt. The topics and questions covered will span a range as long as Dumbledore’s beard. From controversial and burning to absolutely ridiculous (certainly our favorite), no question is off-limits.

Our alternating hosts dive into some of the things we’ve been reeling over for two and a half decades, but here’s the catch: They have to do it in 15 minutes or less.

Get those wands at the ready because you can consider this your acceptance letter! Come with us during this year-long reread in which we explore the wizarding world. Prepare to have your mind bewitched and your senses ensnared. This is a Harry Potter critical analysis podcast like no other, but that’s merely our opinion.



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