Wizarding World Digital Teases Harry Potter: Magic at Play

Earlier today, the Wizarding World Twitter account teased a rather magical addition to the Wizarding World experiences available to fans in the Muggle world.

According to the tweet, Harry Potter: Magic at Play will be enjoyed by “wizards of all ages.” It is billed as an interactive experience filled with “hands-on magical moments.” But what could this mean?



The Harry Potter: Magic at Play website states that this is a joint venture between Warner Bros. and Superfly X, a company focused on “transforming the way fans interact with their favorite [e]ntertainment properties.” It is already known for the Friends Experience and the Office Experience, which allow fans of those series to interact with prop replicas, set re-creations, and character costumes and purchase merchandise. The use of “at play” in the title rather than “experience,” as in Superfly X’s other properties, suggests that this might be geared toward a family audience, with interactive experiences for children and young people as well as the usual photo opportunities loved by older fans.

So we can assume that Harry Potter: Magic at Play will be an interactive fan experience like Superfly X’s other ventures. It would certainly be cool to have another Wizarding World attraction to visit, alongside Harry Potter New York, Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience, and the touring Harry Potter: The Exhibition. But where could the mysterious Harry Potter: Magic at Play be located?


An image of the Harry Potter: Magic At Play logo.


The website states that Harry Potter: Magic at Play will be “coming this fall.” The use of “fall” rather than “autumn,” combined with the locations of Superfly X’s other experiences, suggests that this will be an attraction based in North America. The Friends Experience is on tour after opening in Chicago in late 2020. The Office Experience is about to move to Washington D.C. after also opening in Chicago, this time in October 2021. Taking this into account, we would place a guess that Harry Potter: Magic at Play also opens in Chicago, before moving to other locations around North America. In fact, considering the Office Experience will be moving soon, that could free up a location in the city for the Wizarding World experience to move into…

With a teaser opening date of fall this year, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that this could mean a September 1 event for fans. But without any further information, all of this is just speculation. Be sure to keep an eye on MuggleNet for all the latest updates as we get them.

What do you think Harry Potter: Magic at Play could be? Let us know your thoughts!


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