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When MuggleNet became an independent brand back in February 2020, we started a Patreon in order to achieve our goal of supporting ourselves financially. Over two years later, we are thankful and proud of the aid our readers have pledged to our efforts.

Allocating our patrons’ pledges to the site itself meant our staff of over 120 volunteers went nearly entirely unpaid. MuggleNet has operated on a volunteer basis for almost all of the two decades we have been online. While our volunteers are here because of their love for the fandom and spend their free time crafting content that works toward our mission of providing reliable, fun, informative news and content, we have never loved the idea of free labor.

Today, we are excited to announce a big change. In an effort to begin stepping away from staff members being monetarily supported via our affiliate program, as of August 1, 2022, 100% of all pledges from our Patreon will be allocated to our long-term, hardworking volunteers.

Now that your pledges go directly into the pockets of our volunteers, we hope you will consider joining us! Pledges start at $5 per month and include an exclusive Discord server as well as monthly opportunities to win merchandise valued at at least $50.

Interested in joining? You can check out our Patreon and make your pledge today. Our August Community Giveaway is our most valuable yet, worth more than $500:

Stubbs and Wootton produce luxury slippers perfect for lounging around or wearing out on the town. Its Harry Potter collection features slippers for each House, adorned with colored velvet, leather lining and soles, and a ¾ inch stacked wooden heel. We’re giving away a pair of Golden Snitch slippers, made with black velvet and featuring a beautifully stitched Snitch.

Not able to pledge a monthly amount but looking for other ways you can support us? Purchase one of our unofficial publications.

Liz Young

I am a creature-loving Ravenclaw that continues to explore the Wizarding World.