30 Ways You Know You’re Both a Scholar and a “Harry Potter” Superfan

Anyone can be a fan, and anyone can be a scholar. But there are several ways to tell the difference between just a casual admirer and a superfan who is also academically brilliant. We present to you a list of 30 indicators by which you can know if you’re a super-smart Potterhead.


1. You are fascinated by languages — including Parseltongue.

2. You wish to use all your knowledge for the benefit of yourself and others at school, unlike Tom Riddle.

3. You are often called — or hope to be called — the Hermione Granger of your class.

4. You wish you had a Time-Turner so that you could attend two classes at once.

5. You make your own notes like the Half-Blood Prince.

6. Like Draco Malfoy, you can find answers to difficult questions without much help.

7. You have written at least one essay on Harry Potter.

8. You like hanging out in the school library, especially the Restricted Section — you’ve read most of the books in the regular section.

9. Your school has a four-House system, and you love educating people about it, which has also helped you make more friends at school.

10. You have used the quote “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” in at least one of your speeches or pieces of homework.

11. Your memory can retain a lot of information, and you can quote dialogue, spells, and passages word for word.

12. You have Harry Potter school supplies.

13. Every time a Harry Potter reference is made in class, the whole class looks at you.

14. In difficult situations you wonder, “What would Hermione do?” and you immediately get the answers; it’s something you have already studied.

15. You have tried using a quill pen for writing, and that has helped you make your handwriting more beautiful.

16. Although you love every teacher, there is one teacher you hate at school and she is “such an Umbridge.”

17. You have drawn the Deathly Hallows symbol on the last page of your notebooks. What’s life without some creativity?

18. Thanks to Harry Potter,  you can easily pronounce difficult words like Wingardium Leviosa with ease.

19. You have a diary that you carry with you everywhere because you love taking notes (and you’re hoping it writes back).

20. You turn to page 394 whenever you open a book — and you definitely read it because you love reading.

21. You know a lot about different mythological creatures like centaurs and mermaids, thanks to your curiosity about everything Harry Potter.

22. You have watched the movies several times, and that has helped greatly with your accent and pronunciation.

23. Your interest in spells inspired you to learn Latin, and now you’re fluent in it.

24. You have read all seven books several times, which has helped improve your vocabulary.

25. You know the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane and have found a new love for science and space because of the series.

26. You don’t just study theories, you learn using practical experience — because who knows when you might need to face Devil’s Snare?

27. You mostly enjoy classes, but some are just Riddikulus (everyone has a least favorite subject, after all). A few of your friends don’t get it when you say it, and you wonder why you’re still friends with them.

28. You excel at quizzes and debates.

29. Since you’ve started reading the books and watching the films, you have a greater understanding of other students at school, and you help those who need support with their schoolwork or other problems in general.

30. You believe in yourself and your abilities. (And we believe in you, always.)