Rumors About New LEGO “Harry Potter” Sets Are Stirring

LEGO fans better prepare for a new wave of Harry Potter-themed sets next year. Rumors have started to pop up about what builders can expect from LEGO in 2023.

Thirteen new sets have been announced, but there’s limited information about what they look like or include as of the latest updates. Seven sets, six of which have been named, are expected to be released to the public in March.

Four of these six sets are themed around the four Hogwarts Houses. Sets 76409 Gryffindor House Banner, 76410 Slytherin House Banner, 76411 Ravenclaw Banner, and 76412 Hufflepuff Banner could have an already well-known design to them, given that the House crests are popular among Potter products. But leave it to LEGO to get creative with a design we’ve seen before. These four builds have been confirmed by Brick Fanatics to have between 285 and 313 pieces per set. Each one will come with three of its own minifigures, but the characters are still unrevealed. Perhaps we could expect characters that belong to their respective Houses?

Sets 76413 Hogwarts Room of Requirement and 76420 Black Lake Triwizard Challenge are the two other builds that have been named so far. Of the announced sets, it seems that Hogwarts Room of Requirement will have the most pieces, at 587 bricks. Of course, that’s subject to change as the names and piece numbers of the remaining sets are announced.

Prices for these new sets are so far ranged, but if you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg on the latest builds for your collection, you may be in luck. The four House Banner sets have been priced at £34.99 ($39.50), while Hogwarts Room of Requirement is £49.99 ($56.50), and Black Lake Triwizard Challenge is £44.99 ($60).

Be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements surrounding the remaining seven LEGO Harry Potter sets. But until then, happy building, brick fans.


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