Wizarding World Digital Introduces Portrait Maker for Profiles

The latest feature to be launched for Wizarding World Digital accounts is now available for users. The portrait maker allows witches and wizards to further customize their accounts with virtual avatars to reflect their likeness and magical style. Wizarding World Digital is also known for its quizzes to match people with their Hogwarts House, Patronus, and personalized wand.

Anyone with an account can personalize it with a profile avatar. Users start with basic facial features like face shape, eye shape and color, and skin tone. Once you’ve got the basics, it’s time for the details. Be sure to include freckles, facial hair, and glasses, if needed. Even smile types are customizable in this portrait maker. Go big, go bold, or go smirk like Snape; it’s up to you.


Profile portrait from Portrait Maker on Wizarding World Digital

Source: Wizarding World Digital


With the physical features out of the way, users will want to put on their best robes. Choose from a variety of apparel like witch hats, robes, Quidditch helmets, or House-themed T-shirts. For users who are looking for those extra touches of the Harry Potter universe, there are a variety of accessories to include with your avatar. Claim yourself Head Boy or Head Girl, a prefect as perfect as Percy, or a member of Dumbledore’s Army with pins to put on your shirt.

Now it’s time for the finishing touches. With the hair and outfit all set, a portrait backdrop is the final detail. Backdrops can be customized with the color of your House or simple gray. Avatars can also hold a wand, broom, staff, book, newspaper, or potion bottle in their right hand. Add flourishes with House banners and a nice frame for the whole portrait. Oh, and the best part of it all? You’ll want to add an animal of your choice to sit in your portrait.


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