“Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells” Kicks Off New Club Quidditch Competitions

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells has an exciting new update for fans to enjoy. The app now includes an expanded version of Club Quidditch that allows players to go up against other Quidditch clubs in full-team competitions.

In a new Instagram post, Puzzles & Spells revealed that the new Quidditch-themed puzzles will feature “unique Quidditch Heroes and Position Skills.”



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Zynga provided some further insight into what the new feature offers.

Club Quidditch is now live as an ongoing weekend activity running from Friday to Sunday each week. The competition matches [c]lubs from the same [l]eague leaderboard for a head-to-head competition that includes new event-specific hazards and items, a new event Club Leaderboard, and special new Quidditch [p]uzzles. To aid their progress, players can unlock four Quidditch Heroes to fill the Chaser, Beater, Keeper, and Seeker positions. They can also fill Hero meters by collecting color gems to trigger special Hero Buffs and Position Skills to help them win the [p]uzzle. Along with individual rewards, players can earn Quidditch Champion’s Chests and Trophies through their [c]lub’s performance. Each [c]lub’s MVP of the daily Quidditch match will also be highlighted and celebrated in-game. With all these new features, Club Quidditch will offer plenty of fun for players and Harry Potter fans!

The update will also include new boosts, hazards, and items inspired by Quidditch. A Golden Snitch mini-game has also been added to Puzzles & Spells. The mini-game appears after select puzzles and has players attempt to tap on the flying Snitch as many times as they can. All goals, mini-game scores, and puzzle wins will go toward the club’s total points.

Executive Vice President of Zynga Yaron Leyvand described the company’s vision for the new update.

Our goal for Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is to provide a [m]atch-3 experience that immerses players in the wizarding world, and Club Quidditch adds a fresh gameplay twist that makes this one of our most exciting events to date. For the first time, players can engage in Club vs. Club competitions, encouraging camaraderie among Club members and friendly competition between rival Clubs. 

The Quidditch updates are now live on Puzzles & Spells, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Will you be participating in the Club Quidditch competitions? Let us know below!


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