New Chocolate Frog Card Honors Famed Herbologist

In news that would send Neville Longbottom running for the nearest Honeydukes, a new collectible wizard card has been released, this one featuring a pioneer in the field of Herbology. Chocolate Frog lovers and card collectors of the Muggle variety can find this latest addition on sale at Universal Orlando Resort in both milk and dark chocolate.


New chocolate frog card features Beaumont Marjoribanks

The latest wizard card tributes the famed herbologist Beaumont Marjoribanks. (Source: WDW News Today)


2022 has now brought us two new Chocolate Frog collectibles, with the first being the July release of a wizard card devoted to Bridget Wenlock, a witch known for her contribution to the field of arithmancy. This latest card honors the early herbologist Beaumont Marjoribanks. Marjoribanks collected and classified many magical plants and flowers throughout his career, and he is officially credited with discovering Gillyweed.


An illustration of gillyweed from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

It’s no Tibetan turnip, but Gillyweed certainly saved Harry’s skin in “Goblet of Fire.” (Credit: Mary GrandPré)


Gillyweed, of course, is the slimy plant that gives the consumer the ability to breathe underwater. Given its significance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we’d say Beaumont Marjoribanks is well deserving of the distinction.

Chocolate Frogs have increased in price slightly, now selling for $14 each, or three for $35. There are currently 19 wizard cards to be collected highlighting witches and wizards of renown, such as Albus Dumbledore, Merlin, and the Hogwarts founders, and also magical individuals of questionable repute, like Gilderoy Lockhart. According to a master list of cards, we can expect two more collectible wizard cards to hop onto the shelves in 2023.


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