Latest “Hogwarts Legacy” Videos Include Winter ASMR and House Common Room Fireplaces

With the release of the long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy almost upon us, new videos have been uploaded to the official Hogwart Legacy YouTube channel, showcasing its winter ASMR video, titled “A Late Winter Afternoon,” and four House common room fireplace videos.

The winter ASMR video is presumably the final one we can expect to see since three other ASMR videos were released in each season of 2022, showcasing scenes from the game alongside calming sounds. “A Rainy Spring Night” was released for the spring season, summer saw “A Hot Summer Day,” and “A Calm Autumn Morning” came out in the fall.

The winter version showcases the Hogwarts grounds from late afternoon to dusk and then into the darkness of the snowy night. The opening scene shows the grounds covered in an inviting light mist, with frost settled on the ground and trees. Snow can be seen falling, with the walkways and surrounding mountains covered in layers of snow against purple-pink sunsets. The inside of the castle boasts crackling fires in the Great Hall, with the candle-lit ceiling looking peacefully inviting. The video is accompanied by soothing sounds such as birds cheeping, water lapping, plants rustling, wind blowing, and snow falling.



The Hogwarts Legacy YouTube channel has also released four House common room fireplace videos, each one showing us the unique fireplaces that we can expect to see in the game, with different music accompanying the different Houses.

The Gryffindor fireplace looks magnificently big, with two proud stone-carved lions standing on either side of the fire. Along with the warming reddish hue of the bricks on the wall, we can see glimpses of scenic paintings and some frames containing figures (presumably previous heads of House). As the embers burn, see if you can spot the painting and the knight to the left of the fire moving around.




The Slytherins’ fireplace is just what you’d expect: eerie and tinged green with snake-like figures carved into the front of the fireplace and sitting on the mantelpiece, surrounded by various skulls in glass cabinets and hanging on the wall. A chair and table with a teapot and teacup on top sit directly in front of the fireplace. We can imagine this is where Draco would like to sit, staring into the embers, sipping his tea, and plotting his next move or mulling over how much he despises Harry.




Unlike the other fireplaces, which are all mounted against the walls, the fireplace in the Ravenclaw common room appears to be placed in the middle of the room. Rather than sitting behind a metal grate, this fire crackles among a handful of logs propped up and leaning against each other, like a handmade den you’d see in a forest. The fireplace itself is decorated with the Ravenclaw emblem and stars.

This is also the only fireplace that is surrounded by a color that doesn’t match its House color – the room looks more Gryffindor-like, with light red and sandy colors. The only hints of blue are the dusky sky seen through the windows, the shape of which mimics eagle feathers. Eagle-eyed fans (no pun intended) will notice the pile of books sitting in the background – classic Ravenclaws.




Finally, the Hufflepuff fireplace is covered in intricate carvings and surrounded by four carved pillars. The tinges of brown and yellow and the hard stone flooring make the fireplace look the least cozy of the four, with not even a chair in sight. But from the Hufflepuff common room tour that has also been released, we can see that outside of the fireplace view, there are comfy sofas and armchairs for students to sit on and enjoy that pot of tea that appears to be warming above the fire.




What do you think of the new winter ASMR video, and which fireplace would you most like to sit in front of? Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, but those with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One won’t have access until April 4, and it will be released for the Nintendo Switch on July 25.


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