“Hogwarts Legacy” Release Delayed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

We’ve got a mix of positive and negative news about the latest Wizarding World game, Hogwarts Legacy. While its release on certain platforms has been pushed back, we do have a special release from earlier this week.

Before we get into the sad news, we can share two releases surrounding the game: Its full official soundtrack and a separate video featuring the soundtrack’s study themes have both been released on YouTube, so you can choose exactly what you want to listen to. The videos, which you can check out below, feature visuals to go alongside each individual track.




Unfortunately, there is also some bad news in regard to the game. Although everyone can listen to the soundtrack, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will have to wait longer than expected for a chance to actually play. Despite an original release date of February 10 and an updated release date of April 4, the game has been delayed by just over a month. The new release date will be May 5, with the game’s social media accounts explaining, “The team is working hard to deliver the best possible experience for players across all platforms, and we need a little more time to do this.” There is no news yet on a change of date for the Nintendo Switch release, suggesting that it is still on track for July 25.

Fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts on this decision, with @MotherOfCats007 on Twitter worrying, “By the time I finally get it, all the hype and excitement will be bleh by then.” Other fans took to Facebook, still positive despite the delay, with Michelle Cardwell writing, “What’s a few more weeks after the original release date, I’m just excited for it!” and Brandon Bailey offering support for those having to wait by saying, “Yes the waiting sucks but once you get your hands on it…. You will forget how upsetting the push back [sic] was.” Fans on Instagram took to quoting the Harry Potter films to put their thoughts into words, with @joeyleo89 commenting, “I did my waiting! 12 years of it, in Azkaban!”



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Neave Williamson

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