Rubeus Hagrid’s Internet Search History Through the Years

Rubeus Hagrid always has an inquisitive mind, which is why we wonder what he would look up if he had access to the Internet. Thankfully, we don’t have to ponder anymore. After our article on Voldemort’s search history, it’s time to look at Hagrid’s. Check out this fun list!

why am I so big?
7ft tall normal for 10 year old?
bigger than dad at 10, normal?
half-giants allowed at hogwarts?

acromantula distinctive traits
acromantula illegal?
acromantula illegal why?
where to hide acromantula
what happens when caught with acromantula
good wizard lawyers
good wizard lawyers cheap
good wizard lawyers free
technically illegal to keep wand’s broken bits?
top 10 ways to hide a wand
ebay umbrella

gamekeeper job specifications
facebook ogg
how to entertain relations with centaurs
how to entertain relations with merpeople
creatures living in forbidden forest list
bowtruckles how to untangle
unicorn hair properties
hippogriffs diet
thestrals broken leg
werewolf cubs

google maps godric’s hollow
youtube how to drive flying motorbike
reddit should I call protective services if baby left with strangers
facebook sirius black
sirius black traitor true???

birthday cake recipe
google maps hut-on-the-rock
google maps diagon alley
craigslist three-headed dog
good name for three-headed dog
good name for fluffy three-headed dog
how to take care of dragon egg
how to recognize dragon egg type
baby dragon diet
facebook james potter
facebook lily evans
facebook order of the phoenix
pinterest scrapbook ideas

flesh-eating slug repellent
roosters all dead why?
can ministry send to azkaban with no proof?
good wizard lawyers
good wizard lawyers cheap
good wizard lawyers free

best book for care of magical creatures
pros and cons monster book of monsters
hippogriffs not dangerous proof
hippogriffs usually not dangerous proof
good wizard lawyers
good wizard lawyers cheap
good wizard lawyers free
technically illegal to punch executioner in the face?
hippogriff escape how
hippogriff capable of untying knots?

firecrab craigslist
manticore craigslist
breed firecrab and manticore possible?
single malt whiskey bulk
facebook olympe maxime
reddit AITA assumed woman was a half-giantess
daily prophet hagrid
half-giant discrimination
half-giant group therapy

giant colonies google maps
google translate english to giant
how to hide a giant
how to train a giant
probation what does it mean
high inquisitor rights
cave near hogwarts

acromantula life expectancy
acromantula illness
proper burial ritual for acromantula
grief therapy
grief therapy again

cool ideas to update flying motorbike
mokeskin pouch ebay
harry potter support party facebook
illegal to expel teacher for political views
good wizard lawyers
good wizard lawyers cheap
good wizard lawyers free
wizard lawyers still worth it when living in dictatorship?
good mountain to hide
you-know-who at hogwarts?
harry potter at hogwarts?
hogwarts google maps
you-know-who dead celebration facebook

reddit AITA if I ask my friend why none of his children are named after me?


That’s about all that we could find. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!


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