Wizarding World Digital Launches Hogwarts House Pride

Are you passionate about your Hogwarts House? Would you put on the Sorting Hat ready to emphatically inform it of where you truly belong? If so, you’re going to be a big fan of the free new interactive celebration being offered courtesy of Wizarding World Digital.



Inspired by Hogwarts’s annual House Cup, Hogwarts House Pride invites fans to take part in a variety of challenges and activities to earn points for their House. Overall points will be fittingly recorded via the digital hourglass leaderboard on the Wizarding World Digital home page. The House that has accrued the most points by April 4 will take home the coveted prize of the first-ever Digital House Cup.

Already thirsty for victory? The first step is to head over to the Hogwarts House Pride web page to compete in the weekly quiz championship. Each round will consist of ten themed questions with topics that vary in difficulty level ranging from beginner to OWL to NEWT.



Fans who are social media savvy will also have plenty of opportunities to fill that digital hourglass. Visit @wizardingworld’s Instagram and TikTok pages to access the new Hogwarts House Pride AR filter to give your selfies a hint of House pride. Each share of your AR Hogwarts House Pride photos, screenshots of your favorite Hogwarts Legacy common room moments, and other House-related pictures on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter will contribute to the cause. Be sure to tag @wizardingworld and include your House’s hashtag to ensure your earnings, and check back often on the Wizarding World Digital social media channels for the multiple giveaways that will be happening throughout the month.

In case that’s not enough excitement, Hogwarts House Pride will also give fans new celebratory editorial features. These will dive deep into details about the Hogwarts Houses, including some of the fascinating histories behind the founders. A new interview content series, “Muggle on the Street,” will also be made available on Wizarding World Digital. Viewers can expect both laughter and controversy as a number of special guest hosts discuss all things Harry Potter with the fan community.

Fans can also expect House-themed surprises, information on House Pride Nights at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and exclusive Harry Potter Fan Club offers in the Harry Potter Shop. So whether you dream in green, red, yellow, or blue, our question is the same: What are you still doing here? The competition has already begun.

Press Release

For over 25 years, the Harry Potter stories have captivated and inspired millions of fans around the world. Today, Wizarding World [Digital] celebrates this global community of people of all ages who cherish the magic of these remarkable characters, the adventures they embark upon and the values they represent.

Harry Potter fans take enormous pride in repping each of the four iconic Hogwarts [H]ouses; for brave Gryffindors, clever Ravenclaws, ambitious Slytherins and loyal Hufflepuffs alike, the [H]ouse they identify with provides a true sense of honor and belonging.

In recognition of this, Wizarding World Digital is excited to launch Hogwarts House Pride – a free, interactive celebration of all things Red, Green, Blue and Yellow [that] will run until 4th April.

Inspired by the famous House Cup, fans from all four [H]ouses are invited to take part in weekly quizzes, participate in online challenges and join in with social media hashtag competitions to help lead their [H]ouse to victory. In homage to the iconic [H]ouse point hourglass [sic] fans will recognise from the blockbuster films, participants can keep track of who is in the lead by checking out the digital [H]ouse hourglass leader board [sic] on Wizarding Word Digital, just as Hogwarts students could in the Great Hall!

Each time points are earned, colours will stack up to show who is in the lead. The [H]ouse with the most points will take the ultimate prize…the Digital House Cup.

How to get involved:

  • From today, fans can compete every week in the Quiz Championship: House Pride Edition – an online quiz[-]style competition on Wizarding World Digital where they can tackle a round of 10 [H]ouse[-]themed questions; with topics ranging from beginner to OWL and even NEWT difficulty, there’s something for fans of every level!
  • Fans can access the brand-new Hogwarts House Pride AR Filter (available on @wizardingworld’s TikTok and Instagram) and strike their best pose.
  • There are lots of ways to boost your [H]ouse points online – each share of your AR Hogwarts House Pride pics, [H]ouse[-]themed Wizarding World Portraits, screenshots of your favourite Hogwarts Legacy [c]ommon [r]ooms and [H]ouse-related memories on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram all contribute to the grand total.
  • Don’t forget to tag @wizardingworld and include your [H]ouse hashtag (#Gryffindor #Slytherin, #Ravenclaw or #Hufflepuff) alongside #HogwartsHousePride - every hashtagged post earns your [H]ouse those precious points!
  • Keep a close eye on Wizarding World [Digital]’s social [media] channels, as fans will be surprised and delighted with a host of magical giveaways throughout the month.

Hogwarts House Pride will also provide fans with brand[-]new celebratory editorial features, detailing everything anyone ever needed to know about the Hogwarts [H]ouses, including a deep dive into the complex history of the fabled Hogwarts [f]ounders… Hermione would be proud!

Wizarding World Digital will also be introducing ‘Muggle [o]n [t]he Street’ – a brand[-]new interview content series, hosted by a range of special guests chatting all things Harry Potter with the fan community – expect quick[-]fire questions, laughter and hot takes!

This is just a taste of what’s in store – look out for [H]ouse[-]themed surprises, find out more about [H]ouse [P]ride [N]ights at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and enjoy exclusive Harry Potter Fan Club offers on a vast range of amazing [H]ouse-related products in the Harry Potter Shop. So whether you’re as new to your [H]ouse as a trembling first year or see yourself as an obvious candidate for [H]ouse prefect, there’s something for fans of all stages.

Hogwarts House Pride content and features are exclusively available on Wizarding World Digital - the ultimate destination for fans of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Join the community of millions of members and find out where you truly belong by signing up [for] the Harry Potter Fan Club and participating in the Official Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony.