Bonnie Wright Shares the Ideas of Sustainability Behind Her Wedding

In a recent interview with Brides, Bonnie Wright (who plays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films and who recently announced an upcoming Go Gently show) shared her wedding inspirations and desires, as well as the meaning behind some of her wedding choices. Bonnie and her husband, Andrew Lococo, married on March 19, 2022, at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, California, and now we have more details about how the couple ensured their wedding would echo the beautiful California surroundings and stay eco-friendly.

When thinking of their wedding location, Bonnie explained how she and Lococo both “admire everything that [t]he Ecology Center stands for” and “loved the idea of being surrounded by bountiful growing nourishing plants.” She also described that they wanted the wedding to “express the vibrant colors of California” and be “a celebration of love and community.”

Bonnie explained how important it was for her makeup and hair to feel natural, outlining her idea for a “balanced” look due to the outdoor nature of her wedding and how it “started in full sun and transitioned into night.” She also wanted to use products that contain “natural and non-toxic ingredients that are organic where possible.” When it came to her hair design, Bonnie based it around a vintage hairpiece. “I liked the idea my hair could be clipped back into it, so it was clear of my face,” she explained, also describing how she and her stylist “added some texture, which made it move in the wind beautifully.”

Bonnie’s wedding dress itself also hit her ideals of keeping the wedding eco-friendly and sustainable.

I knew I wanted to wear a vintage dress. There are so many beautiful dresses already out in the world full of character and story.

After two trips to a vintage wedding salon, she found her perfect dress, with the decision feeling “so right and easy.” The dress wasn’t completely plain sailing, however, since the original underdress had been lost in its 100-year history. When Bonnie was first trying it on, you could see right through it.

The main aisle in the garden is arched with this really cool wooden painted rainbow that everyone walked under to get to their seats. At the base of each rainbow arch, there were big bountiful floral pieces. We added a pop of color with a dusty pink carpet down the aisle. To mirror the rainbow arches, our main floral piece was an open colorful arch.

She recalled how the arch influenced one of her favorite moments of the day: “walking out into the ceremony under the rainbow arch with all our loved ones awaiting us—Andrew with his mom and me with my dad.” The couple also wrote their own vows for the ceremony, with Bonnie explaining how they “wrote them like love letters to each other rather than traditional vows.”

During the cocktail hour after the ceremony, they enjoyed original cocktails designed for each of them and organic, biodynamic wine from Cooper Mountain Vineyard. Nearly all the produce for their wedding dinner was grown at the Ecology Center, and all the dishes were vegetarian and served as “family-style share plates.”

It was so important to us that all our family and friends would break bread at one table.

In order to keep the wedding sustainable, the couple made their own decorations or used items they already owned.

As sustainably conscious people, we really didn’t fill the day with things and items we didn’t need, but we still made things look bountiful and generous.

At the end of the night, Bonnie said, she and the rest of the guests “could have danced for hours more.” Do you think the wedding day sounds like your idea of perfect? Let us know in the comments below. Additional images from Bonnie’s wedding are available from Brides.

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