UPDATED: “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” Celebrates Five Years on Broadway with Five Days of Magic

This month, Broadway’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebrates its fifth anniversary, and fans will get a chance to celebrate too, with magical surprises, in-theatre giveaways, and more in its five days of magic.

The celebrations will begin on Wednesday, April 19, and new production shots from Broadway’s current Cursed Child cast have also been revealed in the lead-up to the anniversary.




Day 1: April 19

Audiences at Wednesday’s matinee performance will be the first to take part in the celebrations, where they will witness a special presentation from the New York City Mayor’s Office.


New production shot of the current "Cursed Child" Broadway cast: David Abeles (Ron Weasley), Maya Olivia Thomas (Rose Granger-Weasley), Jenny Jules (Hermione Granger), Steve Haggard (Harry Potter), Joel Meyers (Albus Potter), Angela Reed (Ginny Potter), Erik C. Peterson (Scorpius Malfoy), and Aaron Bartz (Draco Malfoy)

New production shot of the current “Cursed Child” Broadway cast: David Abeles (Ron Weasley), Maya Olivia Thomas (Rose Granger-Weasley), Jenny Jules (Hermione Granger), Steve Haggard (Harry Potter), Joel Meyers (Albus Potter), Angela Reed (Ginny Potter), Erik C. Peterson (Scorpius Malfoy), and Aaron Bartz (Draco Malfoy) (Credit: Matthew Murphy)


Day 2: April 20

We’ll all get a chance to experience the magic on Thursday when a video will be released of the Broadway cast performing a moment from Cursed Child while standing on the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere: Edge, at 30 Hudson Yards, New York City.


New shot from "Cursed Child" Broadway

New shot from “Cursed Child” Broadway (Credit: Matthew Murphy)


Day 3: April 21

A special in-person lottery is taking place on April 21 wherein 50 lucky fans will be able to purchase a seat for that evening’s performance in the first five rows for just $5.

Those entering the lottery will also get the chance to win a variety of Wizarding World-themed prizes, including Harry Potter LEGO sets, full sets of the Harry Potter book series, Funko Pop collectibles, Hogwarts notebooks and copies of Harry Potter: Feasts and Festivities from Insight Editions, and a bundle consisting of the newly released Hogwarts Legacy game and a PlayStation 5.


New production shot of Aaron Bartz and Steve Haggard as Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter

New production shot of Aaron Bartz as Draco Malfoy and Steve Haggard as Harry Potter (Credit: Matthew Murphy)


The Anniversary: April 22

On the day of the anniversary, audiences at both the matinee performance and the evening performance will receive a Cursed Child-themed commemorative gift.


The Sorting Hat scene at Broadway's "Cursed Child"

The Sorting Hat scene in Broadway’s “Cursed Child” (Credit: Matthew Murphy)


Day 5: April 23

The final day of celebrations will involve special guest appearances and “once-in-a-lifetime giveaways” for audiences at Sunday’s performance.


New production shot from "Cursed Child" featuring the Dementors

New production shot from “Cursed Child” featuring the Dementors (Credit: Matthew Murphy)



In addition to the incredible prizes and giveaways that have been announced so far, even more surprises will be revealed throughout the five-day celebration.

The magic of watching Cursed Child Broadway begins before the show even starts, with special Meta AR installations, including a Patronus and the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall, and the opportunity to feast on magical Wizarding World treats.

Broadway’s Cursed Child is now a one-part production and has broken several records since opening almost five years ago, with the most recent being breaking its own record to be the highest-grossing non-musical play in Broadway history, grossing $2,671,191 in the week ending January 1, 2023.

Will you be heading to Broadway’s Lyric Theatre next week for the magical Cursed Child celebrations?

UPDATE (April 25):

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway kicked off its fifth anniversary in a big way. The matinee performance on Wednesday, April 19, was monumental not only in being the first of the celebrations but also as the setting of some magical history in the making.



Commissioner Anne del Castillo of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) took to the stage to perform a special ceremony on behalf of the mayor. In it, she first presented the cast with an official Mayoral Proclamation. The document, she explained, establishes that April 22, 2023, is now Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Day in New York City. Let’s all take a minute to update our calendars accordingly as we review the big moment.



As a further surprise, the commissioner also unveiled a new street sign, declaring the Lyric Theatre to now be located on Cursed Child Way. The applause from the audience and cast signaled immediate approval for this change of address.



We wish the happiest of anniversaries to this most enchanting production.

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