Our Top Casting Ideas for the New “Harry Potter” TV Show

You’ve probably heard that Warner Bros. is going to be making a new retelling of the Harry Potter novels. That’s the perfect opportunity for the fandom to start going through their favorite actors and determine who could play who! Now, not to toot our own horn, but we think we’ve found a very perfect cast. You could even say that this cast is full of brilliant, shining, star kids. Anyway, before we get back to Hogwarts, here are the actors who should play the golden trio and friends.


Harry Potter – Darren Criss


AVPM Darren Criss


We need a well-known star to sell the show, but not too well-known that they take away from the plot. Darren Criss is at the perfect level of fame for this to work. On top of this, a half-Filipino Harry could be a perfect way to embody his difference from the all-White Dursleys. Hopefully, his guitar skills may transfer to the flute and lull Fluffy asleep. He’d be totally awesome in this role.


Ron Weasley – Joey Richter


Joey Richter AVPSY


Ron is tall, so a full-grown adult is the only way to go, and who else to be that full-grown adult than Joey Richter? For starters, Joey already possesses magical powers. For example, the Seinfeld theme plays whenever he enters a room. Now that’s magical. And if you need more to convince you, the show starring Joey Richter, Me and My Dick, could happen to Ron… probably. Just get him some Red Vines and I bet he’s in.


Hermione Granger – Bonnie Gruesen




Let’s face the facts: Bonnie Gruesen looks more like Hermione than Emma Watson. No hate, Emma; we still love you. On top of that, her name starts with the same two letters as Granger, which is very important when choosing an actress. And when Hermione gets her teeth magically fixed, we can switch actresses to Meredith Stepien, just to keep the viewers on their toes. Please note that she can’t draw, but this shouldn’t be an issue for the role.


Draco Malfoy – Lauren Lopez


Lauren Lopez AVPM


After playing Commissioner Gordon and Craphole, Lauren Lopez has plenty of experience performing male roles. And on top of her experience, she is also a vast source of knowledge on the expanded Wizarding World. Who else could tell us about Pigfarts, the wizarding school on Mars? Her father will hear about this if she does not get the role, and she might even roll around in anger. You’ve been warned.


Ginny Weasley – Jaime Lyn Beatty


Jaime Lyn Beatty AVPSY


We deserve a funny Ginny, and who else to interpret her than the great comedian that is Jaime Lyn Beatty? She is long due a main role. Let’s just call this upcoming series The Ginny Show and be done with it. And if Warner Bros. ever faces budget cuts, Jaime could also play Rita Skeeter, so that’s one less actor to pay. It’s just economical! Don’t take any wooden Sickles, now.


Lord Voldemort – Joe Walker


Joe Walker AVPSY


Tom Riddle is hot. Joe Walker is hot. This casting just makes sense. And if that does not convince you, well, Joe is also a great dancer. In our opinion, tap dancing Voldemort is a must, and we don’t even care if you disagree. Finally, just like Jaime, Joe Walker can play two roles at once. No need to cast Umbridge. Duh, duh duh…


Albus Dumbledore – Dylan Saunders


Dylan Saunders AVPSY


Last but not least is Dylan Saunders. Have him grow a beard and Dylan already looks like a young Dumbledore. A quick makeup wash and he would be ready to play those Pensieve memory scenes. And speaking of looking back on the past, some Grindelwald scenes could easily be incorporated seeing as Dylan has no issues playing a properly out and proud headmaster. On a final note, he seems way calmer than Michael Gambon, don’t you think? Just don’t call him Albus. He’ll expel you if you call him Albus.


Now that’s how you make a cast! Do you agree with what we’ve put together, or are you wrong? Either way, we can all agree that we can’t wait to see Hogwarts again: the Great Hall, the Gryffindor common room, and the hidden swimming pool.