Meet the Most Popular Marauders Era Fan Castings

In the movies, the four Marauders – James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew – are only seen as adults, save one (unbecoming) scene during Harry’s Occlumency lessons with Professor Snape. Aside from that, the faces of Hogwarts’s iconic troublemakers are mostly left up to the fans’ imaginations, or their minds’ ability to accurately age down Gary Oldman.

But this isn’t enough for the era of video edits. Today, editors on TikTok splice scenes and dialogue from specific actors’ filmographies in order to create Marauders storylines. You can fan-cast anyone as your favorite character; that’s the beauty of it. However, there are some actors that we see so consistently in these edits that we can forget that they didn’t actually play the role.


James Potter

Aaron Taylor-Johnson



One of the originals, clips of a younger him in Nowhere Boy – adorned in a red tie, round glasses, and messy hair – can always be found in a James edit. The setting of Nowhere Boy gives the same cozy feel you’d expect from the Gryffindor common room, providing enough content for Marauders dormitory laughs and fireside chats.


Reiky De Valk



Reiky may be the new kid on the block, but he is everywhere. Known for the Netherlands’s version of the popular teen show SKAM, the Dutch actor has curly hair and a cheeky, mischievous vibe, two things almost synonymous with our own James Potter. Fan-casting James as a person of color is important to many in the modern Marauders fandom, so Reiki as Harry’s dad has become particularly well-loved.


Sirius Black

Ben Barnes



This one is so accepted it almost feels canon. Ben Barnes himself knows and loves this “role” of his. It’s the clips of him in The Picture of Dorian Gray that do it for us. With his shoulder-length black hair and fancy silk clothes – and him smiling around a four-poster bed – it’s like they knew Marauders video editors would need Sirius Black content one day.


Eren Güvercin


The photo shows Eren Güvercin, who plays Isi Inci in Drück, applying lipstick in a high school bathroom.

Eren Güvercin, who plays Isi Inci in Drück, applies lipstick in their high school bathroom. CREDIT: Bantry Bay Productions


Another new kid and another SKAM alumni, Eren plays Isi in Germany’s version of SKAM called DRÜCK. In the show, Isi is experimenting with their gender expression by wearing makeup and feminine clothes. This is a side of Sirius Black that fans on TikTok have come to love. It comes down to the basic character fact that Sirius knows who he is and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Clips of Eren as Isi are often used to develop this, and we love it.


Remus Lupin

Andrew Garfield



Another of the originals, Andrew has been Remus… forever. Clips of him from The Amazing Spider-Man, Tick, Tick… Boom!, and Never Let Me Go are used constantly, providing edits about causing havoc with the other Marauders, bad moons, fighting with the Order, and even falling in love with Ben Barnes as Sirius Black.


Paul Ahrens


The photo shows Paul Ahrens, who plays Sasha Belin in the show Drück, with a bee antenna headband on

Paul Ahrens, who plays Sasha Belin in Drück, wears a bee antenna headband. CREDIT: Bantry Bay Productions


Paul acts opposite Eren in DRÜCK, and he just so happens to look like a soft Remus Lupin. Eren and Paul are pretty much always used in edits together, given that they’ve acted in the same scenes already. Lucky us! Paul’s Remus is young and sweet, often used for happier edits. Eren’s character Isi and Paul’s character Sascha date in the show, so these clips are perfect for Wolfstar edits.


Peter Pettigrew

Dane DeHaan



The last of the originals, Dane has that slightly sinister look that people often associate with Peter as the traitor. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, DeHaan plays Harry Osborn in some pretty dark scenes, again leaning into Pettigrew as a villain.


Lewis Capaldi



Are you surprised? We were too. Lewis has such a personality of his own that we didn’t think we could picture him as Peter. But if video editors are anything, they’re wizards themselves. They use clips from Lewis in music videos, all melancholy and serious, and it honestly works very well.


Regulus Black

Timothée Chalamet



Although not an actual Marauder, we just had to include Timmy as Regulus. This one is possibly the most universally agreed upon fan cast in the Marauders fandom at the moment. If you search Regulus Black on TikTok, every single video will be of Timothée. He has the facial structure befitting the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black – sharp and regal with dark hair and pale features. But it’s the films he’s in, and thus the clips available, that really seal the deal. You have Dune and The King to provide you with broody, traumatized, and conflicted Death Eater Regulus while Little Women and Call Me By Your Name Timmy give you heartsick, lost, and forgotten little brother Regulus. Alas, the range! Timothée’s Regulus has depth and nuance and has given us some truly excellent edits.


So there you have it: the old, the new, and the Timothée Chalamet! Did you see your favorite, or is there someone we’re missing? Let us know in the comments.

Talitha Stowell

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