Wizard Rock Band Potterwatch Drop Debut Album

The wizarding world has influenced the music industry since the Harry Potter books were first released. From the music that was written for the films, to the video game soundtracks, to fan-made musicals, and of course the creation of the sub-genre wizard rock, Harry Potter’s world has left its mark. 

This week saw a new wizard rock band hit the scene. Potterwatch was formed in San Diego during the pandemic, with an aim to focus on social justice through the lens of the wizarding world. Its debut album, Follow the Light, was released on all streaming platforms on Halloween, giving us all something to listen to while getting into costumes for trick-or-treating. There are 12 tracks to dig your teeth into, all based on different elements of the wizarding world while still connected to issues in the Muggle world as well.



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The band posted a magical countdown on Instagram for the album, sharing posts with wizarding world facts based on the number of days left before its release. From connecting eight days to the eighth-floor atrium of the Ministry of Magic to reminding us all that there is only one Chosen One on the day before it dropped, the countdown made sure we were all up to date on our trivia before we got to listen to the music.

Potterwatch is also turning its lyrics into action. Half of the proceeds from this album will be donated to the LGBTQ+ charities the Trevor Project and Mermaids UK. Both charities aim to support LGBTQ+ youth, with Mermaids UK focusing on young transgender people and the Trevor Project offering a 24/7 crisis support service and resources to help queer youth.

The album release also came with new merch from the band, including t-shirts, tote bags, and patches. You can check out the album on all streaming platforms, as well as Potterwatch’s Bandcamp page.

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Press Release

Accio album!

San Diego wizard rock band Potterwatch drops debut album October 31

October 26, 2023 (San Diego, CA)

Messrs. Rowan, Red Leader, and Righty of the San Diego-based wizard rock band Potterwatch are proud to announce the release of their debut album Follow the Light, available for streaming on October 31, 2023.

Follow the Light contains twelve original rock songs with a focus on social justice through the lens of Harry Potter, unconstrained by the text or author. The band donates fifty percent of all proceeds to The Trevor Project and Mermaids UK, organizations that support queer and transgender youth.

“...put Potterwatch on your deck…”

–Harry and the Potters

“Potterwatch… the only one that tells the truth about what’s going on!”

–Ron Weasley

“Continue to show your devotion to the man with the lightning scar by listening to Potterwatch!”

–Lee “River” Jordan

When the pandemic silenced ensembles and shuttered venues, three San Diego-based choral musicians began writing and asynchronously recording wizard rock. They called themselves Potterwatch after the Order of the Phoenix’s pirate broadcast that spread hope during Voldemort’s second reign of terror. Potterwatch’s music fuses social commentary with an irreverent lit-punk sensibility.

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I've been a proud Slytherin for as long as I can remember, and love taking inspiration from the Wizarding World for short films.