Seven Magical Ways to Practice Self-Care

The commencement of the new year can, at times, be a joyful and exciting event. However, on occasion, it may prompt one to contemplate whether a boggart can assume the form of the new year season itself. In the wake of the holiday hustle, bustle, and expectations, it can be challenging to carve out a moment for yourself to practice that coveted exercise called self-care.

To assist you in the new year, we have compiled a list of seven magical ways Muggles can incorporate the wizarding world into acts of self-care.


Listen to the Audiobooks


All seven of the "Harry Potter" audiobooks


Listen to a Harry Potter audiobook during your daily getting ready or winding down routine. There is something exhilarating about starting your day, going through your morning skincare routine with a cup of coffee, all while immersing yourself in Harry’s adventures, whether he’s battling a dragon or learning how to cast a Patronus.


Start a Chapter Challenge 



Participate in a chapter challenge. For the duration of one chapter (maybe even two), tackle those household chores you keep putting off – whether it’s the laundry, dishes, going through that closet where everything gets thrown, or even de-gnoming your garden.


Take Your Favorite Harry Potter Podcast on a Walk



Life at Hogwarts seems to call for the occasional walk around the lake to de-stress. While you might not have a giant squid to gaze at on your strolls, take your favorite Harry Potter podcast on a walk to add a bit of magic, and perhaps some laughter, into your day. Read MuggleNet Podcasts: A History to find your next favorite.


Create Daily Magic-Inspired Sketches


Emma Watson as Hermione Granger


Pick up your quill and start a daily sketchbook! Dedicate ten minutes each day to creating small magic-inspired sketches. Some prompts to consider include magical plants from the greenhouses, the spiral staircases, a new hat or sock for Dobby, and the beech trees out on the lawns of Hogwarts.


Accio Quotes of Inspirations or Reflection


It's used to represent fan fiction readers being overwhelmed by how much they've read.


Page through or read through the books and find a quote for inspiration or reflection. Consider how you can apply it to your life and what you can learn from it. 


Create Some Kitchen Magic



Bake and cook food related to the wizarding world, whether those are dishes we saw in the many feasts or tasty magical-themed treats such as cake pops decorated to look like Golden Snitches.


Connect over the Wizarding World 




Connect with others using the wizarding world. Share your favorite character or moment from the books or movies, and discuss different ways the wizarding world has helped you through various parts of your life.


The most important thing is to find something that works for inspires, or helps you. Share any of these ideas that you have tried, or contribute other suggestions in the comments or by tagging MuggleNet on social media.

Brooke Schmitz

The magic of the Wizarding World enchanted me at an early age. Since then I have read the books more times than I can count. I love to inspire and connect with others through the Wizarding World.