Emma Watson Featured in Prada’s Re-Nylon Campaign, and Renais News

Follow news about former Harry Potter cast members long enough, and you’ll come away with an appreciation for the well-rounded individuals they indisputably are. From activism to creating music, and authoring books to cultivating families, our magical favorites have well-established identities beyond the big screen and the characters who put them there. Perhaps the best example of this would be Emma Watson, whose endeavors have put her in the news several times in the past few weeks.

Watson started 2024 by supporting Prada’s newest collection, and the state of the environment by proxy. In a brief video, Watson appeared alongside Benedict Cumberbatch to model Prada’s 2024 Re-Nylon collection merchandise. The outerwear and accessories featured were made of a fabric called Econyl, a nylon yarn created from recycled plastic that, in this case, was sourced from the oceans, fishing nets, and landfills. Not only does the collection represent the waste removed from the environment to produce it, but one percent of the proceeds go to Sea Beyond, an educational program geared toward raising awareness and educating younger generations on how to protect our oceans.



Industry expert Casey Golden lauded the product line for its commitment to sustainability, commenting that the Re-Nylon collection shows consumers and businesses alike that “everyone can cultivate quality with recycled materials and support organizations like Sea Beyond for lasting environmental and educational impact.” And with an endorsement from Emma Watson, who is well-known for her activism and work with the United Nations, Prada certainly sends a powerful message about its values.

When she’s not saving the world, Watson turns her attention to her other pursuits. Renais, the gin brand created by Watson and her brother, Alex, has met with not insignificant success since its launch in 2023. The gin is made from the by-product of wine grapes grown at the Watson family’s vineyard in France, making the business a truly family affair. This week, the brand announced a partnership with British distributor Proof Drinks, expanding the family even further. John Vider, the managing director of Proof Drinks, shared his excitement about the deal.

Renais Gin joining our portfolio marks an exciting chapter for Proof Drinks, presenting a compelling growth opportunity within the super-premium gin market. With the visionary leadership of Emma and Alex Watson, their reach and influence add a unique dynamic that will undoubtedly amplify Renais’ presence here in the UK. 



If this news is prompting you to brush up on your mixology skills, Emma Watson has paved the way for you there as well. The star appeared on British Vogue’s YouTube series “The Ultimate British Taste Test” to mix up some classic cocktails. It’s worth noting that, in a move characteristic of both herself and the famously studious Hermione Granger, Watson came prepared with extensive notes and even a few diagrams. Armed with these and some help from her brother, Watson successfully whipped up an espresso martini, bramble, gin sour, and Vesper martini.

As a bonus, Watson also taught viewers to make her personal drink, the Emma spritz, which seems to be an amalgam of the Watson family as a whole. “My grandmother Freda used to collect elderflower and make elderflower cordial, so it includes elderflower cordial for my grandma. It’s got my dad’s wine in it, and then it’s got my brother[’s] and my gin in it,” Watson explained.

You can see the video below to learn how to make the signature cocktail for yourself.