Tom Felton Releases “ReD” EP: Fans Say He’s Entered His “Gryffindor Era”

Harry Potter fans are ablaze with Tom Felton’s latest EP release, ReD. Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies and wrote the memoir Beyond the Wand, dropped his sixth album on January 28. The red-hued EP includes two new songs, “Fairies and Feathers” and “Take Me Away.”

Felton took to Instagram to officially announce the release of ReD to his fans:

So excited to announce my new EP ReD is out today. Check it out on all major platforms & let me know what you think. 



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Many of Felton’s fans replied to the Instagram post with excitement:

This artist gives me a storm of emotions and these songs mean a lot to all the fans, proud!

Fans eagerly awaited new music from Felton after his last EP release, YoOHoO, in 2021. Reactions to the 2024 album have been nothing but overjoyed support and praise for the actor-turned-singer. Many fans commented that Felton is in his “Gryffindor era” after noticing the album’s bold red hue, which is the associated House color of Gryffindor.

Felton is no stranger to a microphone. Among several singles, his previous EP releases include Time Well Spent (2008), All I Need (2008), In Good Hands (2009), Hawaii (2011), and YoOHoO (2021). Music has always been a passion for the Harry Potter celebrity. When asked about music in an interview with Feltbeats, Felton disclosed that he would bring his guitar to the set of Harry Potter every day to sing and practice during downtime. More recently, Felton serenaded attendees of the magical fan convention LeakyCon with his original music.



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ReD is now streaming on all major platforms. What is your favorite song by Tom Felton?

Alyssa McHugh

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