Magical Murals Appear at Epic Universe

Epic Universe is set to open in 2025, meaning that construction for the new park at Universal Orlando Resort is well underway. Updates are few and far between, but we’ve got some new murals popping up around the park and new concept art of the park’s map to share with you!

Our first new photo is of the portal-style entrance to the park’s Ministry of Magic segment. We first saw a rendering of the proposed entranceway back in January, but we can now see it coming to life. The main architecture of the portal is complete, and a hand holding the Elder Wand has already been erected on a tower high above it.



The aerial photos also give us an idea of the building styles we can expect at the new park. We knew the park would take inspiration from 1920s Parisian designs and architecture, with elements of the iconic British Ministry of Magic. Scaffolding around some buildings has been taken down, so we can now finally see what that looks like in reality. We’ve also got some pictures of other buildings, including a Port-Sainte Denis and a street corner with a detailed, stone entrance.



The most exciting update so far, however, is the appearance of our first magical creature. After the removal of scaffolding around other buildings in the park, keen eyes spotted a beastly mural. There’s no confirmation of the species of the creature, but we’re theorizing that it could be a griffin. Check out this photo of the artwork and let us know your ideas in the comments below.


Mural of a fantastic beast at Epic Universe

Source: bioreconstruct


The new Wizarding World-themed park isn’t the only section in Epic Universe. There are also sections themed around the How to Train Your Dragon?, Nintendo’s Mario games, and Universal’s monsters. With new concept art, we can see how these segments will come together for an overall map of Epic Universe.


Concept art map of Epic Universe.

Source: Universal


That’s all of the photos we have from the park recently, but we’re starting to build a stronger picture of what the park will look like when it finally opens in 2025, and with more and more scaffolding coming down, we should have even more details soon. Are you planning on going to Universal Orlando Resort to visit Epic Universe?

Neave Williamson

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