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Fan Art of the Week: Gryffindor Graduate

There is nothing like celebrating a graduation to start off a great summer. Take a look at a fan’s creative solution to incorporate his passion for “Harry Potter” with this momentous accomplishment.


Fan Art Profile Highlight: Olivia Pearce

Fan art comes in all shapes and sizes, and this week’s fan art sure is unique! Olivia Pearce has created her very own Gryffindor common room. Not only has she created her own common room, but there is also an adjoining dormitory room with her invisibility cloak ready at hand for whenever mischief arises.


The best of Newt Scamander fan art!

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about representations of Newt Scamander in fan fiction, and now we have scoured the Internet for some of the coolest fan art renderings of the magizoologist!

Fan Art of the Week: Fawkes by Elizabeth 0

Fan Art of the Week: Fawkes by Elizabeth

Today we bring you a glorious painting created by Elizabeth which captures Fawkes’s intense profile. Beyond his head in the background you can see some Hogwarts-esque windows.