Category: Fan Art

Fan Art of the Week: Mini Cooper

We all love showing off our love for “Harry Potter”. So what’s a better way to show your passion than through your mode of transportation? Take a look at what a certain fan did to improve their ride.

Fan Art of the Week: Tattoo sleeve

From a small Deathly Hallows symbol to full Patronus rendering, there are no boundaries for the tattoo-loving Potterheads out there. This week is a tattoo that is sure to impress.

Fan Art of the Week: Goblet of Fire sculpture

There’s always something special when a fan can recreate a look-alike prop piece from a movie. This life-sized commissioned Goblet of Fire is a real treat for the eyes. Check it out now!

Fan Art of the Week: Happy birthday!

All across the world Potterheads are celebrating J.K. Rowling and Harry’s birthday today. To give back to the fandom, two of the artist on our fan art profile list have created a few spectacular, intricate, and original pieces for you to feast your eyes on in this special Fan Art of the Week article.

Fan Art of the Week: Snape’s Patronus

From a master decipher to a person who has lost his love. Severus Snape dabbled in the Dark Arts and remained the only Death Eater able to conjure a Patronus. This week we have a pencil drawing that captures Snape’s everlasting loyalty.

Fan Art of the Week: Hagrid doll

A young fan had the creative juices flowing when she created a very adorable arts and crafts doll for her art class.

Fan Art of the Week: Portraits of Emma and Tom

This fan’s free time and skills were well spent in this week’s fan art submission. From colored pencils to graphite, these sketches of Emma Watson and Tom Felton have to be seen to be believed.

Fan Art of the Week: Gryffindor Graduate

There is nothing like celebrating a graduation to start off a great summer. Take a look at a fan’s creative solution to incorporate his passion for “Harry Potter” with this momentous accomplishment.