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Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts

Exclusive Interviews

Thanks to our wonderful team of transcribers, you can read full transcripts of all our interviews, including those with Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts cast and crew, people associated with the book publications and...

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Wizarding World Digital

Wizarding World Digital (formerly known as Pottermore) is a unique and free-to-use online experience that serves as a companion to the Wizarding World. This unique experience allows Harry Potter fans to take quizzes, discover...

Harry Potter Name Origins

Harry Potter Name Origins

Now that the series has come to an end, MuggleNet has created a comprehensive list of all of our favorite character names, places, objects, and strange nouns that JKR appears to have created from...

The North Tower #26: Wonderings About Wands

Today I thought I’d analyze something that has puzzled me for quite some time: the mystery of wands. We know from PS/SS that the wand chooses the wizard, which has lead to much discussion and speculation on just what kind of wand different people in the HP series carry and what that means in terms of the plot.