Mini Treacle Tarts 0

Mini Treacle Tarts (GF) (V)

Be careful. Once you start eating these mini tarts, you may not stop until they are gone!


Butterbeer by Maliha

This is probably the easiest butterbeer recipe you’ll ever find.

Snape's Butterbeer Fudge 0

Snape’s Butterbeer Fudge

Candy making and potions are both an exact science. This recipe comes from none other than the Half-Blood Prince himself, who made this fudge for Lily Potter as a gift when they were young.

Rosmerta's Recipes - Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants 0

Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants

Pumpkin is an ingredient in some of the most memorable dishes in the entire “Harry Potter” series. This recipe adds a pumpkin twist to a breakfast classic.

Snargaluff Stump Cake 0

Snargaluff Stump

Remember in Harry’s sixth year when the trio had to extract pods from this very plant? We promise this one isn’t as dangerous (and it tastes much better).

Butterbeer Sauce 0

Butterbeer Sauce

This butterbeer sauce can turn any simple dessert into a wizarding world-themed masterpiece!

Magical Butterbeer Buttermilk Pancakes 0

Butterbeer Buttermilk Pancakes

Whether you’re making them for breakfast, dessert, parties, or any meal of the day, these pancakes are sure to bring a magical smile to your face!