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Teenage Severus Snape

The Significance of Always

There are so many “Harry Potter” tattoos with the word “always.” It’s in so many pieces of fan art. But is that the only “always” that matters in the “Harry Potter” series?

Seven Magical Facts We Learned From Pottermore’s Update

Ever since Pottermore came out in 2009, J.K. Rowling has been adding exclusive information bit by bit, but up until now, fans have had to work for their information. With the new design, the game changed for the everyday information seeker. I took a stroll through the Pottermore pages to find the juiciest information you may have missed before….

Zodiac Signs in the Wizarding World

J.K. Rowling has openly admitted to the influence of astrological signs in interviews. While Jo has a birthday of July 31 (identical to that of her protagonist, making them both associated with the Leo sign), her characters have a wide variety of birthdays in order to highlight their individual personalities.

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