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Patronus Hopeful

Dear Professor Longbottom,

What is your patronus, and when did you finally succeed at casting it?

Birthday Lover

Dear Professor Longbottom,

Happy (belated) birthday! I was just wondering, with yours and Harry’s birthdays being so close – do you celebrate together? And if so, what do you do!

I can only imagine that after the Battle of Hogwarts and how you both bonded – and birthday have always been important to me. It would mean the world to me to know that you and Harry became close enough to celebrate your birthdays together, as from what I’ve read you were regularly forgotten by the Golden Trio in your school years.

Changing Hogwarts

Professor Longbottom,

Does the fact you are almost all non-magical affect your career. Follow up question how has Hogwarts changed over the years, and why?

New Boggart

Dear Sir,

As we know when you were in school your deepest fear was Snape. But after the battle I think you know the reality of why he used to behave like that, especially to Gryffindor.

Now what shape will a Boggart take if you face it?

The Curious Observer

Professor Longbottom,

If you could go back to your first year, knowing what you know now, what would you say to the students who didn’t believe in you? What would you say to Draco Malfoy after he stole your Remembrall or put the Leg Locker jinx on you? Now that you have grown up, what would you say to the discouraged student who believes that they will never grow into their magic or have luck in school?

Luna Longbottom

Professor Longbottom,

How are you?

There are a lot of questions that I want to ask to you, but most burning one is Why you didn’t marry/ propose Luna . You both were like most natural couple in Hogwarts even though it was not official.

Hazelnuts at Hogwarts

Professor Longbottom,

It must be a wonderful experience to teach at Hogwarts. So far, who has been your favourite student and why?


The Legend


I’ve heard so much about you, in the books and in the papers. I can’t believe a legend like you would teach, in my opinion you would have been a great auror. It’s your choice(and I tell you it’s the best)There have been interviews and I’ve even read in some books that you were not that brave in your starting years! That’s a rotten lie, isn’t it. How could they even say something so untrue! But since I wasn’t there and I wanted to prove them all wrong can you please just say “It’s a lie” ans reply (It would be great).