All MuggleNet Readers: Release your Inner Chef and Artist

Have you browsed our Fan Art Section or visited Madam Rosmerta Recipes lately? Well, it is not only time for you to see what is there, but to add your talents to the site for everyone else to enjoy!

Send us your special Harry Potter-related recipes or try one of the ones listed and tell us how it turned out along with a photo of the results. With the holiday season approaching, we will share one recipe every week with MuggleNet readers.

Or perhaps your talent lies in the way of art. Draw your favorite character or scene from the books or movies. Use crayon, pencil, pen, charcoal or do a digital drawing with Photoshop or the iPhone Sketchbook app. Be sure to give a description of your drawing technique and a short summary of the art.

(Please follow the instructions for submission found in each section).

Check back every Tuesday (Fan Art) and Thursday (Recipes) to see if your work is featured on our homepage.