WB Studio Tour London opens the iconic bridge for tourists

Back in March when the Warner Bros.Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter first opened its doors to the public, one of the iconic sets could only be viewed from the outside — the bridge that Neville and Seamus bring down during the final battle.

Now, the bridge is open to all visitors to walk across, and even pretend they are getting chased by ruthless Death Eaters (just don’t go jumping off of it as if it were exploding).

The bridge is located ouside, and is seen as you move from Studio J to Studio K during the tour. Other outside sets include the Knight Bus, the Ford Anglia, the Potter House, 4 Privet Drive, and many more brilliant pieces from the films.

Have you been to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour yet? Are you planning on going sometime in the future? Let us know your favorite set if you have already been there or what you are most looking forward to seeing if you haven’t been there yet.

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