Bonnie Wright and Bill Nighy among stars teaming up for major campaign against world hunger

In a recent article by it was revealed that many stars and high profile individuals officially launched a campaign against world hunger in London earlier today. Among the stars involved were Harry Potter stars Bonnie Wright and Bill Nighy (Ginny Weasley and Rufus Scrimgeour, respectively).

Social activist Desmond Tutu and Microsoft’s Bill Gates are also backing the campaign that aims to address the root cause of hunger around the world.

Bonnie Wright has been actively fighting this campaign for a while, traveling to Senegal last summer in an attempt to raise awareness of the ongoing food crisis in Africa. You can watch Bonnie’s call for help on a Sky News appearance right here.

Wright tweeted earlier today:

@thisisbwright: What #IF we could end world hunger!? Get tweeting, campaigning, talking, shouting! Today we launch @enoughfoodif #IF #IF #IF #IF

We hope the governments around the world will step up and openly support this tremendous campaign.

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