Evanna Lynch visits Tacloban with UNICEF Ireland

As an ambassador for UNICEF Ireland, Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) paid a visit last week to Tacloban, a city hit hard by Typhoon Haiyan in November. With UNICEF, Evanna was able to see firsthand the destruction that was caused and meet some of the children affected. During the trip, Evanna kept her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages updated with pictures and comments. On arriving in Tacloban, Evanna posted,

First photo I took after landing in Tacloban today. The airport is pretty much just a shack in the wake of the typhoon, and this is all construction, but the colours and the countryside were so pretty. Life has been beautifully simplified here, and everywhere people are united in their efforts of restoration. Feeling very lucky to be a part of what the UNICEF Ireland team are doing here.

Evanna posted several pictures throughout her trip, including this one: With this picture she wrote,

Favourite moment of the trip so far. We were walking through the No Dwelling zone of Tacloban, feeling a bit depressed and hopeless by all the sad things we saw, when this group of young girls ran after us, grabbed our hands, literally danced us out of the village and showed us how to be happy again. ❤️

While she was there, Evanna gave several interviews. In one interview she said,

Education is the only way out. I’ve met many parents here; education for their kids is their only dream.

Evanna also said,

I just see so much hope everywhere. It’s refreshing to me because you know at home in Ireland, where people have everything, people can still be unhappy and still be negative. But here, they all are just so positive.

See a short clip of Evanna giving an interview here. Find out more about UNICEF and the work that they do on their website.