Quidditch World Cup semi-finals under way!

The Quidditch World Cup semi-finals began yesterday (July 4), with the first match, which is currently still taking place, between the US and Brazil. The second match sees Bulgaria take on Japan tomorrow.

In the run-up to the semi-finals, Ludo Bagman rated each team’s chances of winning,  highlighting the pros and cons of each team. A handy infographic on the Pottermore Insider shows how the teams compare:


There’s still plenty of exciting things to come! Make sure that you keep up with the matches over on Pottermore, where new content is added regularly. You can catch up on all the match reports by Ginny Potter, including her recent report for the US/Brazil semi final, and find out what is going on at the World Cup as the final draws closer.

The next semi-final takes place tomorrow, and a full recap of both matches (when they are completed) will be coming shortly!

Whom are you supporting? Whom are you hoping will win the Cup? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Almogster

    go USA!!