UPDATED: Breaking the anagram: What J.K. Rowling said about Newt Scamander

We have all experienced that amazing awesomeness that is J.K. Rowling FINALLY embracing Twitter. She is tweeting up a storm these days, replying to fans questions, voicing her political opinion. We couldn’t be happier. The recent hysteria that Jo is penning a new Potter novel… well, it all started with a tweet.


Then a reply…


However, of course, she couldn’t leave it at that! She loves to present challenges to us – and we love to play them.


Since that tweet, the Internet has EXPLODED with websites tripping over themselves to try to figure out what the tweet means. It is, as Jo herself confirmed, an anagram. She even gave us a hint as to what the anagram relates to.


This one, RT’d by Jo from a Twitter user, gets us close.


We at MuggleNet have been pondering these tweets ourselves, and while we have yet to figure it out exactly, we have some great theories.

Eliza, from our content team, suggested, “the sentence structure seems so weird to me. I got ‘Newt Scamander’s New York Fairy Tales’ out of it but that leaves ‘fo u o r My wan to th none.’ Now my brain hurts.”

Yes, Eliza, so does ours.

I decided to see if I could gather some electronic help. I am good with words, but anagrams are not my strong suit. After removing the letters for “Newt Scamander” and “New York” – I assume those are in the final sentence – I was left with “yfouunFaawrMyaontolertthisnos.” I found an excellent website that when those letters were punched in, it spit out over 10,000 options. I have yet had time to read through them all, but here are a few of my (very ridiculous) favorites.

Newt Scamander hunts runaway ‘iron fly’ tomatoes of New York.

New York saloon hits fan fury; you matter now, Newt Scamander!

Oats town, New York, Nuthouse Fairy Farm – only Newt Scamander.

Let’s hope Jo reveals the answer soon because… well… clearly, we need help. We are guessing that one of the words is a new word, something she has made up – a new fantastic beast, perhaps? – thus making the anagram unsolvable.

One thing we DO know – this tweet refers specifically to Newt’s tale and not Harry’s.


UPDATE: Team StarKid actor Joe Moses might have it figured out, at least in part:

NEWS FROM AFAR TO NY! CUARON TO HEAD MY NEWT’S TALES! IN NEW YORK! Well @jk_rowling ??? @TheHPAlliance @tessanetting #harrypotter

— Joe Moses (@thejoemoses) October 7, 2014

Since a mention of who’s directing would definitely be a way to set the scene, it seems like Alfonso Cuarón might just be involved in the film, after all.

Do you have a theory on what the anagram says? Think you’ve figured it out? Share your thoughts below!



And the anagram is finally solved! It took all evening, and plenty of tweets from Jo, but we finally got there. Here’s what happened:

Firstly, Jo followed her initial hint with another one:

As well as enlightening us all with what the anagram DIDN’T say:

In the frenzy of all the tweeting, Jo also realized that she had made a rather crucial typo:

Another tweet from a fan gave us another clue from Jo:

Jo also made it clear that all the words in the sentence were real words:

And then she gave us the third word of the sentence:

That gave us enough over here at MuggleNet to start getting closer to the real answer, and after many false starts, we got there and were quick to post it on Twitter:

Plenty of other people got there too, just as Jo tweeted a final clue:

By now, Newt was trending in the UK and the US. And then, it was all over:

Phew! What an evening. Before signing off, Jo teased a little bit more about Newt, and asked whether anyone wanted another riddle…

And on that note, it seems like we’re going to have to wait until the movie for anything else about Newt… Until then, we’ll just be here waiting for the next anagram!

Did you get there in the end? Let us know!

  • Kulbir


  • N.Drew

    Why was my comment removed ?

    • Kat

      Apologies – we were deleting some spam comments and others were accidentally removed as well! Please do repost 🙂

  • Maybe Newt and Bob are her boyfriends?

  • Vida Terze

    What website was it?

  • hermoine12567

    The letters the author of this article has left after removing the letters in “Newt Scamander” and “New York” are incorrect. There’s only one “u” in the original tweet, how can he have two “u”s left?

    • Muggle87452

      Yeah, the letters left after taking out “newt scamander” and “New York” should be “y fo u fa awry m no tolrate thi ons nse” not what she has up there. None of those funny options are even possible because they all have two “u”s.

  • Kenny Hitt

    Harry returns. Won’t say any details now. A week off. No comment

  • Gryffindork

    I’m getting really annoyed with how many need sites are posting articles saying Jo is writing more Harry Potter books. This is clearly only about Fantastic Beasts. Don’t write fake articles just for the attention grabbing headline.

    • Gryffindork

      I meant news sites sorry

  • Talib

    I’ll come up with my own blog or site if I end up solving that anagram

  • Chad Gilliam

    Cry, foe! Run amok! Fa awry! My wand won’t tolerate this nonsense. is an anagram for, Harry returns! Won’t say any details now. A week off. No comment……. I found it on another site. I didn’t believe it but I checked and it is. She did say she was “working on a Novel, and tweaking a screenplay.

    • Jay Dubldrop

      Bahahahahahaha I cant believe how gullible people are. There isnt even an “H” in the original tweet, so the word “Harry” can not possibly be in there…….

      • Chad Gilliam

        there Is an H in tHis nonsense

      • Ulie

        Man english isn’t even my first language and… I noticed at the first glance that there’s an H.

    • ZombieBunny

      There’s no ‘H’ for Harry in that, unfortunately 🙁 I didn’t notice it myself but another site did.

      • Chad Gilliam

        since when isn’t there an “H” in the word THIS. she says “My wand won’t tolerate THIS nonsense”

        • I’m skeptical

          But Harry has already been said he’s not appearing in the Newt movies. And the novel is surely a Comran Strike one. She’s been writing it since at least June. As for Harry, he will be back – in the West end play due out next year.

          Sorry, but I don’t really believe we are getting a new Harry Potter novel. Or that he’ll even cameo in the movie. If she really is talking about Harry, then it’s most likely play related. Or Pottermore related (that I’d love). Though her agents did say in July she wasn’t doing anymore Harry tales.

          • Chad Gilliam

            ive read on several different things that she would “never say never” to another Potter novel. Maybe with her writing the screenplay to Fantastic Beasts it got her wanting to write more. you never know. Its just odd though that it fits perfectly

          • Skeptical

            But in only July she said she wasn’t writing anymore, that is a lot more recent than the “never say never” answers from years ago.

            And it doesn’t actually fit perfectly. If the 2nd tweet is in fact part of the anagram (and are people sure it is?) then where is the X that is clearly in the 2nd tweet? That doesn’t fit in what some sites are suggesting.

            Jo wouldn’t realistically have time to write another HP novel atm. She’s finishing the screenplay, collaborating on the play, writing a crime novel, and working with Lumos. Not to mention she’ll also be writing the stuff for the next Pottermore update. This is all why I’m skeptical, that and Harry’s story has been told and I don’t think there’s another novel worth of adventure left. He’s married with kids.

          • Chad Gilliam

            you don’t know how long she could’ve been working on it or how long she’s been making notes on ideas. and it doesn’t mean that she has even started writing it. anything is possible if you ask me, and i’ll keep hoping for a new Potter.

          • Chad Gilliam

            also, most of the time when people put X it stands for Kiss. maybe that’s all she’s saying.

          • Skeptical

            Why would every other letter count for the anagram but not the X? If she’s included it in the tweet and if that tweet is part of the anagram then you have to include x.

            The letters can all make sentences that include Newt, not Harry. And she’s already said it’s from a synopsis of the Newt movie. She also said a tweeter was warm in regards to it being about Newt.

          • Chad Gilliam

            its 2 different tweets… i’ll keep hoping and you can do as you wish

          • Guest

            I think everyone gets your point. So if Jo ever did write another Potter novel then we will chalk it up to being worthless on your say so because Harry is married with kids. We must all be rubbish for wanting more Potter. You are seriously rude.

          • Potter fan

            Err they weren’t being rude, they were repeating the reasons JKR herself has given for why there won’t be another book. It’s not the posters fault if people ignore what the author says.

            Maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about JKR and then get mad when they’re proven wrong. You sound mad in this post, so you’re taking it out on other Potterheads who didn’t get fooled by the fandom hype about the tweets. Not everything JKR does is about HP.

          • TotalPotterhead101

            Whatever happened to James and the mauruaders? Can you say PREQUEL!!!! 🙂 Also don’t forget it might be about Harry’s kids or something. The anagram didn’t say Harry had to be the main character in the new book.

          • Chad Gilliam

            True! Any book from the Harry Potter Universe would be awesome!

          • TotalPotterhead101

            Agreed! 🙂 We must have hope!1

  • Eduardo

    We can also write “Manhattan” or even “Lower Manhattan”. There are also the words “forest” and “mountain”, as Newt is in an adventure. Sorry for the english, brazilian here

  • I’m fine with iron fly tomatoes.

  • Now we know

    Jo has just said on twitter it is about Newt Scamander. And it’s one sentence. Now we know for sure it’s not about Harry. It’s Newt related.

    I hope we do get more Harry on Pottermore, but I honestly think that’s all we can expect for him.

  • Don’t we all just love how one tweet can just cause chaos for all us Potterheads.

  • mara

    mystery solved. …only meant to stay in NY for a few hours

  • Silverdoe25

    Even bigger mystery still lingers. Now will Micah Tannenbaum follow JKR on Twitter?


  • Mary

    My queen, for eternity.

  • HinkyPuff

    I’m awful at anagrams and I only got the word New York using an anagram solver lol.

    It’s fascinating seeing the build up to a new wizarding world project from Jo on Twitter. A complete first for the fandom to be so personally involved with her like this. Just imagine what it would have been like for all 7 books 🙂

  • Twitter is real, Twitter is dead serious. Marla Sokoloff communicates with IKEA via Twitter.

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