Pottermore Releases Exclusive Certificates!

We were all saddened – and rather intrigued – to hear that Pottermore would be announcing the last ever House Cup on September 9. What, we wondered, did this mean for the site? What changes were happening?

Well, today Pottermore revealed that until September 16, users of Pottermore would be able to print their own exclusive Pottermore certificate. The certificate proudly displays all your important details – such as House, wand, House points, and more.

Pottermore also sent out this rather cryptic and intriguing Tweet, indicating that big, exciting changes would be coming to the site.

A personal message was also sent to all users, hinting further at these changes, without giving any more specific details, apart from the fact that the site would enable users to discover more about the wizarding world.

Soon, Pottermore as you know it will transform into a new and reimagined website, giving you the opportunity to discover even more about J.K. Rowling’s [w]izarding [w]orld. Part one of Pottermore’s story, in which you have enjoyed the depiction of Harry’s story through illustrated ‘Moment’ artwork and experienced life within Hogwarts, is ending. We are now preparing for part two of Pottermore’s story to begin. As J.K. Rowling’s [w]izarding [w]orld expands, so too will Pottermore, becoming a place to imagine more and share in a world beyond the seven[-]book series.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Pottermore and learn more about the wider wizarding world. Don’t forget to head over to your Pottermore account now to print your certificate before September 16, which is available as soon as you log on – or through your messages. If you’re having trouble printing, then make sure to print it directly from your browser menu.

While you’re waiting to find out what’s next for the site, then why not relive all the moments with our “Pottermore Moments Revisited” series? As soon as we know any more about part two of Pottermore, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

So what do you think is next for Pottermore? How will the site expand to explore the wider wizarding world? What would you like to see? Share your thoughts below.

  • adrienie

    What does it mean?! Perhaps it will be more encyclopedia/Scottish-Book formatted?

  • ImTotallyBatman

    I don’t care what they add, but if they get rid of all of the moments and accomplishments I’ve been building up since the Beta period over 4 years ago, I may kill them.

    • I’m with you! I just hope they don’t get rid of what they have already. I was a beta tester, too, but then, three years ago, I got stuck on the Shrinking Solution in Chamber of Secrets (which after some research I discovered was due to browser compatibility glitches) and haven’t yet returned. I will finish one day!

    • Femalefan

      I also agree and it’s bad enough they got rid of comments. The one good change is that members can skip available moments even if they haven’t opened it.

  • Page394

    How do I print it?

    • Sophie

      Go to your browser menu/ options (should be at the top somewhere), and choose print from there.

  • Jennifer

    I just really want to know what’s patronus is

  • Jennifer

    Correction I want to know what my patronus is wow I can’t type/thanks autocorrect

  • Hermione

    I just hope we don’t lose the moments we have already, and yes, we need the Patronus quiz!

  • Hermione

    Oh, and what about the rest of the chapters? “The Prince’s Tale”? “Nineteen Years Later”? We are missing the best parts!!

  • piperaven

    Nooo, I want to keep earning house points and finding jelly beans and brewing potions. Whyyyyyyy?!