The Final “Fantastic Beasts” Trailer Is Here!

As was teased earlier this week, the final trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them before its November 18 release date was revealed today!



The final trailer has us sitting on the edge of our seats as it reveals more of the titular subject matter. Seeing many of the fantastic beasts up close and personal, from the cute Niffler to the dangerous Erumpent, with nearly three minutes of exciting action within the New York wizarding world of 1926, has us ready for the release.

Now that the beasts were unleashed in this trailer, we want to know what beasts and moments are you most excited for. Let us know in the comments below.

  • Henri Blanche

    As much as I enjoyed all the other movies; I think I’m looking forward to this one the most. For the first time I’m visiting the Wizarding World without having read the book first.

  • DontHaveAGoodUserName

    Did I just hear….Grindelwald…..DID I JUST HEAR GRINDELWALD……..

    • Henri Blanche

      You most certainly did.

  • Paulina Bernardo

    Holy crap i heard Grindlewald

  • DeadAsADumbledoreNail

    So the S in Fantastic is an Occamy, yes? Also, I don’t know how much I care for the TARDIS suitcase. An enchanted handbag, maybe, but something large enough to fit an entire world?

    Most of the beasts look pretty good. I like the Nundu. Although the Graphorn looks a little too alien for my tastes. I thought the Thunderbird was a griffin, though.

    • Alea Anderson

      I think the S in the title is the Thunderbird.

  • Khan

    It’s a Boggart. That seething mass of black (with flashes of red in it) that’s too big and shapeless to comprehend is a Boggart. I’ve tried and tried to guess what it could be. But it’s everyone’s worst nightmare! It’s Newt’s worst nightmare. It’s MACUSA’s and Wizarding Community’s worst nightmare. And that is exactly what makes this story so interesting. Good thing I was watching the PoA trailer just now for the millionth time.

    That’s just my guess.

    • Alea Anderson

      Maybe the giant black mass is a Lethifold. It’s sometimes called a giant living shroud and it’s described as a highly dangerous Dark creature with a taste for human flesh.

      • Khan

        That was actually my first guess but a Lethifold is supposed to be very sneaky and silent. A silent shadow-like thing that sneaks up on you and tries to consume you (if I recall correctly). It does not carve a path of destruction wherever it goes. A Boggart, on the other hand, actually seeks places to hide. The Wizarding Community in America lives in fear of being discovered. Exposure would be their worst nightmare. And then comes the show-down between Wizards and Muggles. This is going to be very very interesting with a Boggart. It will also tell us a bit more about the characters we’re not properly introduced to (as was in the case of HP books).

        So, fingers crossed for Riddiculus!

        • Khan

          So, I was reading about Boggarts on Pottermore and I found further evidence of my Boggart. It mentions a Scottish Boggart known as the Screaming Bogey of Strathtully. It “fed on the fears of local Muggles to the point that it had become an elephantine black shadow with glowing white eyes, but which Lyall Lupin of the Ministry of Magic eventually trapped in a matchbox”.
          Note that it fed on the fears of general Muggle population, not just wizards.

          What’s more, the opening line of the previous trailer that starts with a scene of destruction and Graves coming to investigate, one of the men says, “It was like a… ghost. I saw its eyes. Shinning white eyes.”

          That is too much of a coincidence. It might not be the same Boggart but it could be just another one.

          Pottermore’s Boggart entry also states that a Boggart makes its presence known “by rattling, shaking or scratching the object in which it is hiding”. That might just be what Graves found at the scene of destruction.

  • Imajine_all_the_wizards

    I love the Occamy it’s so pretty! I want one! 🙂