From Potions and Spells to Crime-Solving and Metahumans – “The Flash” Cast Dishes on Adding Tom Felton

You know why I don’t like you, Allen? I don’t trust you. And I don’t like things I don’t trust.

Sounds like Tom Felton is channeling a bit of Draco Malfoy in his new role as Julian Albert on the CW’s The Flash. 

We reported back in July that Felton had been added to the hit show and in this article, saw him compare The Flash fans to Harry Potter fans.

The Flash Season 3 debuted on October 4 of this year, but we weren’t introduced to Felton’s character until the second episode, “Paradox, which aired on October 11.

Julian Albert is a CSI who, very unwillingly, shares an office with Barry Allen. His constant belittlement of Barry and quick wit makes him the perfect kind of character you’d love to hate. (Sensing a bit of a theme in your role choices, Tom!)

While Felton’s character seems to be a bit icy, the cast of The Flash have had nothing but praise for the British actor.

Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon on the show, has said,

Tom has been great; he’s such a pleasant addition to the team. I mean, he offers a very unique dynamic. He’s very smart, and he’s very funny. He’s very intuitive with his work. He really carries a confidence and self-assuredness about himself and his work.

Keiyan Lonsdale, who came onto the show last season as Wally West, added,

He’s an awesome guy, so it’s just a good energy to always have someone new around.

Grant Gustin, who plays the main role of Barry Allen/The Flash, gushed about Felton in an interview with Access Hollywood, saying,

[Tom and I] got along really well immediately. And he’s like, the nicest dude. He binged our show and then gushed about it, and his first scene was with me and Jesse (Martin), and he was acting like it was surreal, and it was like, ‘Bro, you are Malfoy.’ So I mean, it was very mutual gushing. It actually hasn’t stopped yet. It’s been 3 days of gushing thus far…It was weird, because we didn’t expect him to nerd out about us, and then he did. So we weirdly tried to play it cool, and later on that day is when we started gushing.

It’s pretty clear that the cast loves every second of having Felton on the show.

Tune in to see him on the CW’s The Flash Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Do you watch The Flash? What do you think of Felton’s portrayal of Julian Albert?