The Ultimate Daniel Radcliffe Marathon

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for binge-watching. There is plenty of downtime while dinner is cooking, and once you’re in a food coma, there’s nothing better to do than burrow under a blanket and watch some films. Treat yourself to countless hours of Daniel Radcliffe this Thanksgiving with the ultimate marathon.





Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

There are plenty of other occasions (like Christmas or a snow day) to watch all the Harry Potter films, so for this marathon, we’ll keep it to just a choice few. Prisoner of Azkaban is one of the more fun, exciting early Harry Potter films. We get to meet a lot of great characters, like Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and the incredibly intelligent Crookshanks. You already know this film by heart, so you can have it on in the background while you help make dinner. Now if only you had house-elves to do all the cooking!

Where to watch: You know you own these films. If you don’t, they’ll probably be airing on Freeform.



Harry Potter Deathly Hallows


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

If you need a sense of closure before moving on to something else, play Deathly Hallows – Part 2 while you sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll be able to re-live the end of the saga while you pile up your third helping of potatoes onto your plate, and after dinner, you’ll feel ready to jump into some post-Potter Daniel Radcliffe awesomeness.

Where to watch: See above.





A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories

Talk about a stark contrast. In this dark, hilarious series, Daniel shows that his talents go far beyond playing the brave hero. Sure, it takes a little imagination to believe that Daniel is a young Jon Hamm (what, did he grow 5 inches in his 30s?), but his performance as a slightly deranged novice doctor with an addictive personality is nothing short of amazing. This series is not for the weak of heart (limbs are definitely severed), but it’s raucously funny if you can stomach it. Watch the first four-episode season while you digest your Thanksgiving dinner and if the turkey hasn’t made you sleepy, pull an all-nighter to finish the second season.

Where to watch: Netflix





What If

Young Doctor can get a little dark, so keep it light on the morning after Thanksgiving with this offbeat romantic comedy. Daniel plays Wallace, a med school dropout who falls in love with a girl who says she just wants to be friends. The dialogue in this film is quick and witty, and Daniel perfectly portrays the awkward, fast-talking, adorable weirdo that is Wallace. You’ll be coming up with alternative names for Cool Whip for days.  

Where to watch: Amazon






As Harry Potter fans, we know how it feels to love a book and then see it turned into a movie. The truth is, it doesn’t always translate perfectly. Horns didn’t live up to its source material, which is equal parts funny, unsettling, and ultimately sweet. Nevertheless, the film is worth watching just to see Daniel pull off an American accent. His character, Ig Perrish, dances on the line between morality and immorality, and it’s fun to watch that unfold on screen. It may not be a perfect film, but it’ll be entertaining to watch while you load your leftovers into a delicious Thanksgiving sandwich.

Where to watch: Amazon





Swiss Army Man

You’ve probably noticed a theme by now: Daniel loves to play really weird characters in quirky films. Well, it doesn’t get any weirder than playing a corpse. Despite its unconventional premise (or maybe because of it), this film is surprisingly endearing. It takes a fresh look at love, friendship, and the importance of being yourself. Swiss Army Man is the perfect way to end your marathon on a cheerful note. It will remind you that all your odd thoughts and emotions are exactly what make you wonderful.

Where to watch: Amazon