Ten Times Daniel Radcliffe Inspired Our Fashion Goals!

Daniel Radcliffe. Actor, singer, dancer, and… fashion icon?

L’Officiel Hommes Netherlands recently released some eye-catching photos of DanRad for its Fall/Winter 2016 collection.



This shoot was hardly one of Daniel’s first. The 27-year-old actor has plenty of modeling jobs under his belt.

In celebration of Daniel in all his glory, we’ve made a list of our top ten favorite fashion moments from him.


10.  InStyle Man – Russia, 2015




That jacked paired with the turtleneck and perfect quiff? Wonderful!


9. Essential Homme, 2014




That sweater is nothing short of spellbinding.


8. As If, 2014




The patterned suit with a graphic button-up gives us just the right amount of playful and professional.


7. Total Film UK, 2016




Can’t go wrong with a dark suit.


6. Time Out, 2012




All black really gives him a mysterious vibe.


5. Out, 2013




I guess orange really is the new black.


4. JFK Magazine, 2012




Peacoat with a popped collar paired with a turtleneck is the perfect stylish getup for cold weather.


3. Bullett Magazine, 2012




Classic Hollywood perfection!


2. Attitude, 2012




The DanRad we know and love. Quirky and fun!


1. Sharp, 2013




The brooding stare, the bowtie, the sweater… what isn’t there to love about this shoot?


It’s safe to say Daniel sure is the whole package! What do you think of his fashion and modeling career?