Dumbledore’s Double Passes Away at Age 87

Actor Harry Robinson has passed away at age 87.

Starting in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Robinson stood in as Dumbledore’s double from there on out. He also appeared in the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Inspector Morse, and a number of quiz television shows.

Outside of film and television, Robinson led a full life. Born May 29, 1930, he was raised in Leicester before briefly moving to London. At this point, he joined the Royal Air Force and served in the Berlin airlift. Robinson’s acting career began after returning from war; he also worked as an ambulance driver and postmaster during this time.

As an ambulance driver, he notably tended to train conductor Jack Mills. Mills was seriously injured after being attacked during the Great Train Robbery, in which £2.6 million was stolen from a Royal Mail train on August 8, 1963. It was through Robinson’s later work as a postmaster that he met his wife, Sheilah, whom he married in 1984. The two shared a love of cricket, and Sheilah would often take extra work on sets with her husband.

Robinson is survived by his wife, four children, and grandchildren. His funeral will be held midday on May 14 at Oxford Crematorium, followed by a 1:00 p.m. service at St. Andrew’s Church in Old Headington.

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