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Becoming Harry Potter: Vanquisher of Voldemort #MNBHP

The difference between those who truly love and those who don’t comes down to remorse. We all make mistakes—even Dumbledore. It is the ability to feel remorse for those mistakes that gives us the ability to change and grow in love.


Becoming Ron Weasley: Comeback Kid #MNBHP

“How come you’re here?”
Apparently Ron had hoped that this point would come up later, if at all.
“Well, I’ve — you know — I’ve come back. If —” He cleared his throat. “You know. You still want me.”


Becoming Albus Dumbledore: Old #MNBHP

Oh, weaker resistance, slower reflexes, Amycus,” said Dumbledore. “Old age, in short…One day, perhaps, it will happen to you…if you are lucky….”